Accessorizing Your Tuxedo Rental

Charlotte Miller

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Most tuxedo rentals come with the essentials, like cuff links and ties. You can rent other accessories to add to your outfit for a more unique look.

These include vests, cummerbunds, and pocket squares. These will help you stand out from the crowd at your next formal event. You’ll be a style icon in no time.

Button Studs

Nothing says sophistication and elegance with online tuxedo rental. While the tuxedo has gone through its fair share of fads (colorful patterned jackets in the 1970s, oversized bow ties in the 2000s), the design and standards that have defined it since then are there for a reason: they work.

The unsung hero of any tuxedo, though, is the shirt. It’s the blank canvas that lets your tie shine, and it needs to match the mood of the occasion.

Typically worn alongside cufflinks, shirt studs are metal buttons that fit into the button holes of your tuxedo shirt. They’re typically designed for formal wear and feature inlays like onyx or mother of pearl. They also come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, making them an excellent accessory for any tuxedo rental outfit. Many tuxedo rentals today include stud and cufflink sets as part of your rental package. So what is the cost to buy a tuxedo compared to the rental cost? If yours don’t, you can purchase a set of four studs and two cufflinks separately to complete your look for any formal event or rent to save costs.

Waistcoat or Vest

If you’re looking for a fashion accessory that adds sophistication to your black tie ensemble, consider wearing a waistcoat or vest. A sleeveless upper body garment worn over a dress shirt or top, waistcoats, and vests are typically seen at formal events such as weddings.

A waistcoat should be tailored to the shape of your chest and shoulders and have buttons matching those on your tuxedo jacket. Conversely, vests can be more relaxed and made from lighter fabrics.

A cummerbund is a long, embroidered vest traditionally worn beneath your tuxedo pants, hiding the belt loops. When worn correctly, a cummerbund should match the fabric of your jacket’s lapel facing and buttonholes and have upward pleats, similar to how you would fold a business suit jacket. If you plan to wear a cummerbund or vest, suspenders should be worn instead of a belt.

Pocket Square

The pocket square is a classic menswear accessory that can really make your outfit pop. The key to pairing the right pocket square with your tuxedo is choosing one that complements the fabric lining of your jacket and pants. Pocket squares can be patterned or solid and come in various materials.

The threefold is an excellent look for patterned and plain pocket squares and registers a bit of flair without going full peacock. To achieve this, place the pocket square with a clean edge adjacent to the top of your jacket and then fold the bottom corners slightly over the center.

Most tuxedo rentals include cuff links and ties, but you can also add a bow tie or clip on a boutonniere to complete your black tie attire. Most formal wear stores have in-house tailors for minor adjustments like shortening shirt sleeves and pants legs so that you get the perfect fit.


Regardless of your preference for wearing a watch with your tuxedo rental, you’ll be glad that most online rentals offer an interactive feature for mixing and matching the right accessories. This way, you can try different tuxedo looks without the hassle of leaving your home.

The best part about renting your formalwear is that it’s often cheaper than purchasing a suit or tuxedo. You might only wear these dressy outfits for special occasions like a wedding or ribbon-cutting ceremony, and it would be expensive to buy one that you’ll only wear once.

Most tuxedo rental services offer packages that include coats, pants, vests, shirts, bow ties, cufflinks, and studs for an all-in-one price. Plus, most tuxedos are tailored for you during your fitting and measurement session to ensure they fit perfectly and look polished. You can even choose the color of your belt and shoes to personalize your style. Online rentals will also provide complimentary swatches to ensure you select the right colors for your look.