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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment and is considered to be a multiplayer shooter game. This series in the fourth one and can be played in Windows, OS, X, Xbox 360 and Playstation. In 2014 another version was released which supported Linux.

The game is a battle between two teams, namely, the Terrorists and the counter-Terrorists. As the name suggests the job of the Terrorists is to plant the bomb or the grenade and keep them hostage in their custody. Whereas, the job of the Counter-Terrorists are to retrieve the bomb or defuse the bomb and rescue the hostages. There are specifically nine different modes which come with their unique characteristics.

Another mode was released in the year 2018 which is known as the Battle-Royal Game-Mode which has a special feature called the “danger zone”. The most extraordinary feature of this game is their customization which they term as “matchmaking”. This feature allows the members of the game community to host games in their servers with their customized maps and game modes.

Since the time the game has been released it has gained immense popularity and every day the members of the game family are increasing.

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The game comes with both prime and non-prime accounts but the prime account comes with added benefits. The player can either purchase the prime account or acquire the prime account after they reach level 21 of the game. If you get the prime membership, you will only be matched with players who have a CSGO Prime Account . Moreover, you will be able to access more unique modes that were not previously available. You get to have Prime-souvenirs to collect in the game and special item drops and special cases.


CSGO Smurf Account or Ranked accounts helps the players to achieve a higher rank without winning the game. The game comes with different rank accounts. The players can buy these rank accounts which come with trolling facility. All the good players might not always win a specific game and thus, cannot access certain ranks. This will enable the players to gain access to any level of their wish and they can immediately start playing without going through the arduous process of winning every level. But if they purchase these rank accounts, they would be playing the game like a professional and trolling the other players to attain maximum entertainment.

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The Prime account and the Smurf account enables the players to access added benefits than they are already receiving. The Prime account for instance helps to access special modes and other facilities like the drop item and weapon cases which will enhance the experience of the players.

And the Smurf account helps the players to access different ranked levels of their choice with winning every level to showcase their skills.


The players or the members of the Counter-Strike Global Offensive community are ardently advised to purchase such privileges which aren’t quite expensive and gain maximum entertainment while trying to strive to be the best at the game. Both the Prime account and the Smurf account come with their unique privileges.