Types of Garden Fencing

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A fence is a great way to protect your garden from critters and gives it a boundary from the rest of your background. Fencing offers a pretty look to your garden. Fences usually come as mesh and can be different from one another. Another type of fence to keep away small creatures is called mesh.

How to Build a Fence for your Garden?

Fencing your garden is very important. You don’t want animals to other things to ruin your beautiful garden. Also, it takes so much time to clean a garden. So, a fence is essential to provide security to your plants. Fencing can be expensive but certainly not on our website,  You can learn about garden fencing and also will get the best fencing at valuable rates. We provide you with the best quotes and best installers for your garden fence.


Types of Fences-

There are different types of fences. Let us find the different types of fences that are available in the market.

Wire Fence-

A wire fence is the most basic fencing idea. It is the type of fence where wires are wrapped around the garden. It is easier to install quickly and has the lowest price among other types of fences. It is easier to maintain this fence and does not invite too much hassle in the installation or maintenance.

Overlap Fencing-

In this type of fencing, we usually overlap two horizontal timber boards together. It gives great privacy to your garden and is very cheap. It is not easy to install, though it provides you with the best security, and there is not much hassle to maintain it.

Picket Fencing-

Picket fencing by Schaumburg Fence Companies is a new approach to your fencing problems. It gives a greater and stylish way to fence your garden and offers low borders that do not block the beautiful view of the yard. Everyone passing by certainly needs to see your hard work and the beauty of the yard.

Chain-Link Fencing-

Chain-link fencing is a highly economical way to secure your garden. It keeps the pests and unwanted creatures away from your garden and keeps them safe and secure. Chain-linking fencing is made of galvanized steel and is a roll of 25-100 feet long and 4-6 feet high. It comes with prefabricated gates up to 5 feet wide. It is more comfortable to keep the animals away. Certainly, no one can destroy your garden now.

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Basket of Stones-

This uses metal baskets filled with stones or bark. It is a common and popular process used for garden separations. It is simpler and easy to use this fence and gives the garden a strong foundation and security.

Wired Wire Fencing-

This is a common type of fencing used to keep the larger animals away from the garden. It requires a heavy metal wire gauge and this fence is very strong and durable. This comes with strong and thick wires and usually covers the perimeters of the garden and keeps big animals away.

So these are some of the fences which you can use to protect your garden. So, if you want any of this fencing you can contact us.