All You Need To Know About Automated Calling Software:

Berry Mathew

All You Need To Know About Automated Calling Software:

In today’s world digitalisation is everything. You just move around and surely will see thousands of old things being done in an advanced way. One of the most prominent and integral parts of each business is its customer service, which is performed through its call centers. Call centers are also further classified depending on the company’s brand strategies and purposes.

A business only receives appreciation and becomes successful when it wins the customer’s satisfaction . Resultantly, customers’ buying preferences include only those brands that have the best brand image and quality of service . This is the main reason why having professional  call centers is crucial for companies so they don’t lose their potential customers. So, managing the calls by a single agent or even a team is practically not possible.

Since a call center agent has to answer the calls every minute, there comes the feature of automated calling software that makes everything easy. In this article, you will get to know all about this software and how it can be helpful in keeping things on track. Let’s talk about it.

What is automated calling software?

Automated callings software  is a type of software that automatically generates telephone calls by using a given contact list and further connects the customers to live agents or pre-recorded messages to share information  to the customer at the moment.

This software has completely eradicated the need to dial phone calls manually on different phone numbers separately. Additionally, automated calling software empowers the representatives to pay attention  to their content and delivery of messages. This software has multiple general names, including automated dialing, and automated calling systems.

What is cold calling?

Cold calling is basically a business strategy to use a call to contact a potential client who has no previous record of speaking with a brand’s customer service agent or making any buying decision related to a specific product.

The main purpose of these calls is to increase sales by offering their services to different people. In cold calling people mostly are aware of your brand. It may be a great business strategy if it will be done professionally and can possibly turn that prospect into your current client.

How do automated calling works?

The working method of automated calling is quite simple. At first, the automated calling system will be synchronized to your primary system and use a list of contacts to dial automatically.  

Firstly he will listen to a short pre-recorded voice message in a male or female voice regarding available services. The automation will help you to select the desired service. The customer can easily select a required service.

If he selects the option to talk to the calling agent, the automated dialler will simply connect you with the real-time agent to talk about the issue. This is how automation works.

Can you automate cold calling?

Automated calling software potentially helps the calling teams to run the calling lists swiftly and effectively. Even though there are various types of software that help to professionally reach prospects and turn them into potential customers.

What are automated IVR calls?

IVR is an acronym for interactive voice response, which is an automatic telephone system that merges text-to-speech technology along with a dual-tone multi-frequency link to the person who is calling and enables them to access the important information without talking to a live agent. Most companies are using this technology to improve their customer service and enhanced user experience.

 Are using automated calling software illegal?

Well, there is no such illegal thing when it comes to using automated calling software or making automated calls. There is one necessary point to be taken into account , the callers must be   texted before generating any telemarketing call utilizing pre-recorded voice messages or an artificial speech. This permission is generally granted and you can easily proceed with your business activities. Additionally, there are also some time restrictions which means telemarketing calls are prohibited right before 8 am and after 9 pm.

Advantages of automated calling systems:

These are the advantages of using an automated calling system in organizations, call centers and customer service departments.

  •     Cost reduction: One automated call is six times cheaper than a call performed by a live agent. So, you get a lead generation and feedback collection tool for a price that is unreachable with the use of manual work. 
  •     Reduce idle time: It feels annoying when you call the helpline or toll-free number and listen to a beep sound until the call connects. This is called idle time while calling. Auto dialers have reduced idle time. You just simply make a call, you will listen to a pre-recorded service message and as you select a required service. You will be automatically redirected towards the service. Most companies use this technology to improve the calling experience and to save customers time.
  •     Run the multiple brand campaign: The advanced auto-dialers have a multipurpose ability. This software allows companies to run and manage diverse marketing campaigns efficiently and simultaneously . Auto dialers also take the responsibility of promotion of marketing campaigns in order to save maximum time by managing the time zone for every marketing strategy, transferring the calls, arrangement of call logs and mainly supporting the CRM integration for complete accomplishment. 
  • Increased talk time: Another core benefit of the automated calling software is having a considerable amount of talk time compared to manual dialing. Along with less idle time and an enhanced call-connect percentage, calling representatives are able to utilize more time in communicating with prospects so they may become potential customers. Auto dialers are optimized and enhance the talk time which ultimately leads to improved engagement.

Final thoughts:

Modern technologies  have transformed the working dynamics of each industry and are still progressing in making the algorithms more efficient. Auto dialers are essential for each sales department to make more sales. All in all, the auto-dialing system software is intelligent and knows how to manage things.