All you need to know about JRS Express Tracking

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You need to provide the package to your beloved one but can’t go to him; you need to trust JRS Express as it’s the oldest and most reliable company for delivering the packages. Before considering another option, you should know how to efficiently use the JRS Express services, their delivery charges, shipping rates, and your package’s tracking.

What is JRS Express?

JRS Express is the excellent Express-delivery service currently working in the Philippines. It develops its reputation from 1960 till now by providing the best door-to-door delivery services in the delivery express industry. Due to its users’ value-added services, it has expanded to the whole Philippines with 450 branches.

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Salient features :

JRS Express has established itself as the most reliable and trustworthy delivery service in its journey of 6o years. It has these salient features:

  •         Deliver packages and parcels nationwide and to various countries like America and Asia.
  •         It is open to the public 24/7 for around 365 days.
  •         It has regular single day and next day services.
  •         Following SOPs in this covid 19 by providing cashless payment by GCash and PayMaya
  •         24/7 customer service via internet and phone
  •         Provide delivery of bulky packages      
  •         Complete tracking of the package by online status

JRS tracker:

JRS Express provides you the service of tracking your package through its website. You can easily use jrs tracker to find your package For checking the delivery status, you need to follow these steps:

  •         Go to the website’s top portion and click on the tracking
  •         Enter your tracking number and BC
  •         Click on the track button.
  •         The location of your package can update you.

If you can’t be aware of the location, you can inquire at the JRS Express Facebook page.

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JRS delivery services:

JRS provides help to you by providing packages, envelopes and boxes in different dimensions and sizes according to your parcel and delivering material.

JRS Express pounders:

Services Size (inches) Capacity

(At least)

Compatibility Minimum charge
JRS express letter 9.5 × 6.3 100 g Documents




For first 100 g
JRS one pounder 15 × 11 500 g Large sized Documents

Bills and


For first 500 g
JRS Three pounder 18 × 14 1.5 kg Small, light items and accessories like clothes For first 1.5 kg
JRS five pounder 20 × 14 2.5 kg Medium sized items For first 2.5 kg


JRS Express services for ordinary Delivery:

These are two services provided by the JRS Express for ordinary delivery of for pictures and Bills.

Services Capacity


Compatibility Minimum charge
Legal size envelope 20 g Documents, pictures, Bills For first 20 g
Brown Envelope 500 g Documents, letters and pictures that don’t occupy legal sized envelope For first 500 g


JRS Boxes:

You need to deliver gifts your beloved ones and you can’t go to them, you don’t need to worry as JRS provides you the service of delivering goods in boxes, here is the detail which you need to know about the box delivery services:

Services Size Capacity (kg) Compatibility
JRS extra small box 30 × 24 × 15 cm 3 to 4 Gifts, mobile phone, clothes, small machines,

Books etc.

JRS small box 36 × 27 × 18 4 to 7 Small groceries, small to medium sized machines, non-decaying food
JRS medium Box 46 ×30 ×23 6 to 9 Laptops


Large groceries

JRS large Box 60 × 36 × 32 10 to 20 Small furniture,

Small electric appliances and Balikbayan items

Super Express Box and Lipat Bahay:

As its name indicates, you need to ship something urgently for the first service, and then you’ll use this service. If your package is being delivered in the same area and picked before 12 p.m., it will be delivered on the same day.

Through Lipat Bahay service, JRS offers you a moving service. Like if you want to move your furniture and appliances from your home to your office or other things, JRS can help you with it.

International services:

JRS Express comes up with the best services to provide you with global insight for delivering time-sensitive documents and packages worldwide. It provides you these services:

  1.   Document Express:

This service provides you with the best D door-to-door delivery of urgent documents and parcels to worldwide places.

  1.   Parcel Express

This service provides you to deliver non-document deliveries. And it also provides you with efficient and swift service.

  1.   Value Express

This service provides you to deliver non-priority shipments. It is cost-efficient to suit your budget.

How to efficiently use JRS Express door-to-door service:

For delivering a package, you can use these two methods:

  •         Drop the package at the branch
  •         Have picked it up from your location

You can drop off the package by visiting the nearest branch, having the appropriate package for your parcel and handing over the package to the staff. Don’t forget to receive your receipt.

How to book JRS Express service:

You can book JRS express by this method:

  •         You need to visit the website or check the list of branches near your place which offer the free pickup offer.
  •         After choosing the right favorable branch, you call the hotline number of that branch to inquire about the pickup service.
  •         After that, you can book the pickup service on call too.


JRS Express is the perfect choice if you’re searching for a trustworthy delivery service that can deliver your item fast and safely. It has both traditional and online delivery platforms, but you need the traditional platform for the pickup services. JRS Express being the oldest and having a newer-app based system, is famous for its on-time delivery. For further information about JRS Express, you can also visit its customer services through a hotline or website.