Are Hook Up Apps The Way You Want To Go?

Rohan Mathew

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Hook up apps are nearly as plentiful as regular dating apps, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone has to join in the trend. Some people still hold on to the romantic notion that the right person is waiting for them, somewhere out there. Many hoped that the next person they meet might be that one. The age of long-term relationships and marriages aren’t quite dead yet.

Sadly, though a majority of people are more interested in the casual arrangement where there are no strings, no worries over obligation or expectations. They both get fulfilled sexually, intellectually, without the need for any type of commitment. But how do you know if this type of stimulation would be gratifying for you and your lifestyle?

You may ideally seek a partner that you see on an as-needed basis, for instance, if you need someone to go to an event with, a dinner companion, sexual satisfaction, get fulfilled sexually or merely someone to talk to, and then they go home. 

Kind of like passing someone else’s baby back the instant it starts to cry, parent experience, but not a parent. How do you know hooking up is emotionally healthy for your situation? Click for tips on keeping hookups healthy.  There are two distinct scenarios where using these apps makes sense. 

  • When your plate is full and you have no time to meet a partner:  If you have obligations including a hectic work schedule that exceeds the number of hours you have in a day disallowing interaction with women in person, these apps are an ideal resource for your situation. You can go on any time of the day or night and meet people in a similar predicament wanting the same arrangement.

The problem is there are loads of people using these resources. In order to stand out among the others, it’s critical to be honest and genuine, speaking your unique qualities so that you attract someone whom you will receive intellectual stimulation and whose company you will enjoy. Just because it’s a casual encounter doesn’t mean you have to dislike them.

  • Your social circle is stagnant: Due to all the chaos in your life, you haven’t had time to meet women nor had the opportunity to advance your social circle leaving you little opportunity for a safety net. Typically, people are introduced to potential partners through friends, but if your circle is diminishing, the apps are a better resource. 

These sites are not only a good place to meet people to hook up with, but it’s a perfect way to actually add friends to your social group who can then introduce you to potential partners. 

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There may be a possible ‘friends with benefits’ who turns out to be more suited as a close friend without benefits. On a platonic level, this person may have other people to introduce you to evolving your inner group even further.

There are a lot of hookup dating apps available along with people who actually  take their time to review these sites such as, so people don’t get duped. You don’t know for sure what you’re getting involved with when signing on to some of these apps causing a horrific waste of time.

But before you consider a site like this, you need to ask yourself if a casual relationship of this kind is sincerely something that you want to involve yourself with or is it more something others are telling you is right for you or maybe you’re trying to convince yourself that it’s the only thing to fit your lifestyle. 

Perhaps you’re creating the chaos in an effort to leave little room for another person to come in. Sometimes it’s just a matter of fear. 

Final Word

Arrangements like this aren’t for everyone. Some people are too emotional to carry it off developing feelings for the other person. If you feel it’s time to ‘date,’ it may require some thoughtful consideration as to what that means to you and what exactly you genuinely want to come out of it before you pursue any kind of relationship. 

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If you go into a hookup scenario already emotional, the only way that can end up is tragic for you.