Are Pre Made Fans Lashes a Worthwhile Purchase?

Rohan Mathew

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Traditionally, pre made fan lashes comprise between 2 and 8 lashes attached at the base and they are ready-made by the manufacturers. This category of lashes is typically considered heavy, damaging, and expensive, although myths. However, pre made fan is available in various lengths and diameters to select from while considering the natural lashes of consumers/client.

Meanwhile, are premade fans lashes a worthwhile purchase? Following a 2019 forecast by Market Research Future, global false eyelashes market is estimated to grow at 7.4% and pull an approximated $1.883 million (£1,427,304) market value by the end of 2024. Considering the forecast, manufacturers, artists, and consumers of fan lashes, which shares grandness in the market, can expect these neoclassic lashes to be worthwhile.

Flawless Lashes’ pre made fans are one of the most decorated false lashes in the market. They are packed with tantalizing characteristics that make them worthwhile regardless of whether you are a consumer or an artist.

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Fan Lashes – Difference Between Pre made and Handmade Fans

Selecting between the handmade and pre made fan lashes depends on the expertise and preference of the artist. Thus, using either of the lashes does not make an artist inferior or superior.

Handmade fan lashes require the artist to set up the lashes with regards to the client’s natural lash.

When crafting a client’s fan eyelash, you want to make sure that the lash length, diameter and weight are balance. Otherwise, it fails to protect the natural lashes of the client and may fall off.

Unlike the handmade lashes, premade fans do not provide the room for adapting to various lengths, strengths and textures of the lashes. Moreover, a pre made fan lash artist cannot decide the amount of adhesive on the fan lash. Therefore, the fan lash may become weightier due to the second-time dipping of the fan volume.

Despite being pre-made, if the lash artist calibrates improperly, the fan lashes may fall off as a result of a weak bond.

Why You Should Buy Premade Fans Lashes

Below are the reasons why you should buy premade fan lashes:

  1. Faster Lash Application

According to Huff Post, to apply a full set of lashes takes at least 2 hours. It implies that the handmade fan lash would force an artist to spend 2 or more hours of a client.

To reconcile the long hours, pre made fans from the manufacturer saves a client’s time by at least 2 hours.

2.   Refined Bonding

Professionally pre made fans are heat pre bonded and not glue bonded. You would not also find a plastic tray, which indicates advancement in this collection of lashes.

An unskilled lash technician may not have the needed expertise and resources to refine lash bonding.

3.   Varieties of Options

A common myth is that because pre made fans are not customisable, it limits the client and the artist’s choice.

The claim is not true, the provision for selecting pre made fan eyelashes is one of the reasons for its uniqueness. A client or an artist can select fan options by length, thickness, etc. For example, a client may opt for 2-8D, 10-0.5mm thickness fan lashes.

4.   Time and Energy Reserving

Unlike the handmade counterpart, pre made fan eyelashes saves more of the time.

Although a lash technician can make 2-5D fans faster, most manufacturers offer 6D+ pre made fan lashes that not only save time; but also delights the clients.

Also, to purchase a pre made fan eyelash also means saving energy. Of course, the stress of creating fan lashes has been eliminated by qualified volume technicians that invest time and money to perfect their lashing.

You may use the saved time to book more clients and formulate new strategies to grow your lashes business faster

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What Makes Pre Made Fan Lashes Heavy?

A heavy premade fan lash is not the modern standard, but a result of an unskilled lash technician, poor construction, and excess adhesive.

It is not every pre made fan lash that is heavy, such claims are myths. Professionally refined pre made lashes are lightweight, beautifully made, and attach to the flat lash or a classic.

Professional fan lashes manufacturers test their handmade premade fans strictly before dispatching to the lash market. Moreover, they could be designed with thinner bases to protect the lash health of the consumers without adding weight to the natural lash.

For example, if a technician makes a 4D lash fan with 0.07 lashes, it would typically weigh 0.136mg. However, consumer/quality-inclined manufacturers would offer 8D fans weighing just 0.136mg.

Are Pre Made Fan Eyelashes Good for the Eye?

The first type of pre made fan featuring glue is not good for the eye of a client. Besides, diligent manufacturers have shifted from glue bonding to heat bonding to hold the fans together.

The practice of heat bonding also eliminates additional weight, thus, making the fan lash lighter.