How to Find the Best Small Business Web Design Company for You

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If you run a small business, you’ve got to have a killer website made for it. Your website is the portal by which your current clients and potential websites will engage with your brand. It is where you can convince clients to buy your products and service.

But how do you find the best small business web design company?

While there are a plethora of web designers and web design firms out there, you want to make sure you hire the right one. You want one that understands your brand and can create a website that will serve as a marketing tool for what you offer.

So what are the criteria for these web design companies? What’s the process for finding them?

We’ve prepared this guide to help you find the best small business web design company for your brand’s needs.

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How to Find the Best Small Business Web Design Company

You want to keep an eye out on a reputable web design company. Don’t opt for freelancers who might be talented but not always dependable. You want to strike up a relationship with a firm whom you can trust to always work on your website when needed.

Here’s what you need to know about finding web design services for small business:

  1. Look at Pricing

You want a company that has diverse pricing options. As a startup, you need a company that offers affordable web design for small businesses.

Your web design company should understand the needs and limitations of small business and charge accordingly. You have to look at your budget for web design and see if it can offer its services at an affordable price.

You should see if they can offer a custom price based on your brand’s specific needs. You also want to ask about their fees and charges. For example, do you have to pay a monthly maintenance fee? How much will they charge for minor changes? What are their fees for creating landing pages?

Once you have found the pricing, you want to look at their credentials.

  1. Look at Case Studies

The web design company should provide case studies and a portfolio of past clients. You should be able to look at websites the company has created for other brands.

That will help you get an idea of the capabilities of the web design company. By looking at their past clients, you will know if the company is suitable for your brand.

You also want to make sure that the web design company’s website has customer testimonials. Search the web to see reviews from previous clients to see if they are satisfied with their work.

  1. Ask for the Client Retention Rate

When you begin consulting with the web design company, you want to ask about their client retention rate. That is the rate of how often they retain their customers. For example, do their clients remain with the company for years on end?

Or do they seek a new web design company after a year? When the website needs to be revamped, do they look elsewhere, or do they rely on their current web design company?

You want a client retention rate that is as high as possible. Ideally, it should be at least 70%. If a company has a poor client retention rate, it means that clients can find a better service elsewhere. It also means that the customer service and quality of work are low.

  1. Ask About Customer Service

You want to make sure that the web design company offers great customer service. You want to choose a service where you can regularly connect with a customer service representative who can resolve your issue promptly.

You want a web design company that understands your needs and can offer tailored services to your brand. You want the customer service staff to know who you are and can understand your brand.

You should do your research on the quality of customer service that the web design company offers. Even if the company has stellar web design skills, if they have poor customer service, you might find that they cannot help you whenever there is a technical issue with your website.

Poor customer service is what makes a talented web design company lose their clients. It’s the killer of customer retention – therefore, you must inquire about customer service.

  1. Ask Who Will Work on Your Website

You want to know the name(s) of the web designers who will personally work on your website. You want someone with whom you can establish a relationship and communicate with.

If they are talented, but you cannot work in synergy with them, this will be a disaster for your brand.

The web design company should be able to provide you with a way to contact the web designers of your brand’s website. You should be able to reach out to them at any time when you have questions about your website.

Once your website is up and running, you want to ask who will work on its maintenance and make changes with necessary.

It might be the same web designers, or it might be a new group of designers. You want to make sure that you always know the specific individuals who are working for your brand.

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  1. Technical Help

You want a web design company that not only understands design but also understand the technical aspects of running a website.

For example, can the web design company help you switch from one host to another? Can they help you adjust your DNS records when needed?

Do they understand how to work with plugins and third-party applications you wish to implement on your website? If you decide to create RSS feeds for your website’s content, can they help with this? If you decide to implement a live chat option to interact with your clients, can they help?

Today’s small businesses have to rely on a web design company that is well-versed in both design and technicalities.

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Now that you know how to find the best small business web design company, you are ready to start searching. Find the ideal one for your brand and be ready to launch your website soon!

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