Are Secretlab Chairs Worth It?

Rohan Mathew

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If you love sports, you probably know Secretlab chairs. But are they worth investing in? Well, the answer is yes. Featuring a minimalistic look and high customization, this chair has everything you need in a gaming chair. From tens of colors to 3 cover materials, very few chairs offer these. Furthermore, these chairs come with a warranty. If you are looking for a firm mid-range gaming chair, this one from APOL Singapore can be a good option.

From the looks, feel, and durability, these chairs are quite popular. The Secretlab chairs can give you an excuse to sit in front of your PC for hours due to their premium faux leather and comfortable pillows. While buying a Secretlab chair might not make you get high scores, it will certainly make you comfortable as you game. Here are the top reasons why Secretlab chairs are worth your money.

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Secretlab Chairs are Original

Compared to others, Secretlab chairs are original.  This means when looking for one, you cannot buy the same chair with different logos. The main types of Secretlab chairs include Secretlab Omega, Secretlab Titan, and Secretlab Titan XL. Omega is the smallest, Titan mid-range, and Titan XL the largest. Since all of them are original, you can easily recognize Secretlab chairs in the midst of other chairs.

They Come With 3 Different Upholstery Options

When it comes to Secretlab chairs, you have three different upholstery options, namely Napa leather, PU leather, and Software fabric. Coming with advantages and disadvantages, you’ll have to choose the right one for you. Unlike others, PU leather is spilled resistant; hence it won’t get any stains. It’s also breathable, soft, and smooth. Software fabric is durable and will maintain its form even after several years of use.

They have the Best Look

The way gaming chairs look is subjective. While not everyone prefers Secretlab gaming chair racing style design, they still look good. From some angles, you’ll realize they have a minimalistic design. One thing that sets them apart is their dual stitching. They also come with removable PU leather that you can replace every 5 years without buying a new chair. You can also replace it in case of nicks, cuts, and accidental spills.

Great Lumbar Support

Although all models are fitted with lumbar support, you need to know how the support is delivered. Compared to Omega chairs that come with lumbar pillows, Titans have built-in support. By having good lumbar support, you’ll be able to sit much longer without pain or other problems that originate from the lower back. Besides, having support can help you correct posture problems. Whether the chair is supported or not, you’ll get it from the memory pillow.

The Chairs are Highly Customizable

One of the reasons why most people love Secretlab chairs is that they are highly customizable. For instance, the Software Titan Gaming chair fabric comes in black, pink, charcoal blue, or charcoal cream. They’re manufactured in low-profile colors that are quite impressive.

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Variety of Adjustments

Even with all the customization that they provide, Secretlab chairs are designed to meet the needs of all users. The Secretlab team makes sure each chair has the right adjustments and mechanisms to control the tilt. Their goal is to make sure users are as comfortable as possible. This way, they can play games without feeling uncomfortable.

Four Directional Armrests

Secretlab chair is also fitted with four directional armrests that you can adjust in four dimensions. You can adjust the height and then take them backward, forward, or sideways. No matter how you adjust it, the top will remain comfortable and padded. You can still use it to rest your arms, thus keeping you comfortable while working or gaming. Compared to three-direction or two-direction armrests, the four-direction armrests are much better.

Chair Padding

Whether you are working or gaming, your chair needs to be comfortable enough to support you for hours. With this in mind, the amount and the quality of inner padding are very important. Secretlab chairs use their high density and cold cured form to provide well-placed pockets for air cushion and to absorb the pressure that comes with it.

They Are Durable

We fully understand that buying a chair is a long-term investment. Secretlab chairs are rigorously tested and certified to ensure they are durable. From the upholstery to the hydraulics, their parts and products have been tested according to industry standards. You can, therefore, sit comfortably knowing that Secretlab chairs have you covered.

If you are looking for a comfortable and customizable chair, Secretlab chair is the way to go. This chair not only looks good but also ensures you maintain a proper sitting posture.