How to Become a Financial Advisor and Start Your Own Business? 

Rohan Mathew

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In today’s day and age, managing finances has become very important. Managing finances or having someone to do it could make a huge impact on life. If you feel that you are capable of helping people to fulfill their financial dreams, you should partner with IIFL Securities. Becoming a financial advisor isn’t a difficult job. All you need is to be well versed with finances,either through a degree or having in-depth knowledge and experience. Having a Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM) Certification will be a value addition. 

Having a few skills along with the above is a major plus point in making you successful. These skills include, 

  • Communication and Interpretive skills 

You should be able to communicate with people expressing your views along with understanding what they need. You should be able to deal with the issues you face, especially if it occurs due to miscommunication or lack of information. 

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  • Stress Management and Patience 

Managing money can be a stressful job as you’re dealing with a lot of numbers, so you should be patient enough to continue working even though you find yourself in a tough spot. You should be able to pull yourself through difficult times and not give up when the going gets tough. 

  • Analytical Skills for Problem Solving

Problem-solving is going to be a key component of your job, as every individual is not the same. So they will need personalized help and guidance as per their uniqueness. You’ll need to possess the skills to manage multiple portfolios at once according to their requirements. 

  • Attention to Details and Organization 

You need to be able to organize all your customers’ portfolios according to their needs and help them grow. You should be able to find any issues they face or problems they have and be ready with effective solutions. Organization and attention to detail can help you go a long way. 

If you are capable of being a good financial advisor and have a good reputation with your customers, you can even think of making it a business. You have to fulfill a lot of requirements along with abiding by a lot of legalities to start your financial firm. 

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Instead of worrying so much and troubling yourself to start on your own, you can simply partner with IIFL Securities. The IIFL Securities provide a lot of facilities and make it easier for you to start your business through the AAA platform. You can work at your convenience from wherever you want. Partnering with IIFL Securities will help you learn and keep yourself up to date on various topics. They have a lot of services you can provide to your customers like equity shares, mutual funds, insurances, bonds, commodities, fixed deposits, etc. Their AAA platform is exceptional and user-friendly. You can lay down the foundation of your Financial Advisory business through them, as they provide a significant percentage for you so that you too can earn high wages. 

Don’t let anything stop you from this wonderful opportunity to take your financial advisory capabilities to the next level. You can start your own franchise or be a market associate under them. You don’t need huge sums of money to start your own franchise through them. You can use all the facilities they provide including a state-of-the-art trading platform. A marketing and IT team will be assigned to you

personally, assisting you and your clients. This is actually the perfect time to start a financial advisory firm and partner with IIFL Securities as there’s more and more engagement towards the Stock Market, especially from the middle-class common man.