Audio to Video: Entice Viewers with Compelling Stories

Rohan Mathew

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 If a picture is likened to the power of a thousand words, an entrancing video can set the reel of imagination into motion. Converting audio to video online makes it easy for content creators to present their information visually. In the cacophonous world of content, a visual depiction evokes emotions and taps into the human psyche. Viewers appreciate videos for its engaging content, and the requirement of shorter attention spans, especially in the fast-paced digital world. 

 Think about the effect of recipe videos, ever felt hunger pans greet you right after? Gobble Grams and other such popular cooking channels showcase their creations through aesthetic (and mouthwatering!) projections of their work.  . Apart from being engaging, these videos are available to all and allow channels to expand their presence. Converting audio to video online and enlivening your voice is now possible with the quick and easy  Voice2v Tool. Click here to learn more.

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The following are the steps to get started: :

  •   Visit  Voice2v.
  •  Choose from the array of conversion and editing tools displayed on top.
  •   Select the ‘Audio to Video’ tool  and upload the audio file you wish to convert
  •  For the background, you could either choose an image from their gallery or upload pictures of your choice    
  • .  The tool will now prompt you to select from a range of effects, add text or a logo; you could skip these and directly proceed to the conversion

On completion, the tool provides a preview of the video, along with a ‘Download the Video’ option if satisfied. 

Tips for converting audio to video 

As mentioned earlier, a video makes for a vital communication asset. While converting audio to video online comprises a few clicks, the following are some tips to implement for a compelling projection.

Choose  the right audio :

Do you want to create videos that inspire awe in the minds of your audience?

Your first step would be to create an impressive sound clip.  A background track of sequential sounds, powerful narrative, and relevant audio files is the foundation of a gripping story.  

For all those songs that make an important part of your playlist, you can convert them into a video using the ‘Audio to Video’ option.

Add images, tex tor a logo:  

If you are an influencer or a blogger, chances are, you’ve already experienced the power of video. And if you haven’t, it’s time you add it to your content strategy! If aligned well, videos don’t just guarantee an increase in engagement but also pave the way to earning those coveted followers.

While converting audio to video online, here are a few suggestions to make sure that your next video hits home: A logo adds a sense of recognition and familiarity to the video, if you have a brand symbol, you must use it. Secondly, please pay attention to subtitles; they are useful for reaching out to a broader audience and ensuring the undivided attention of a viewer. Lastly, text plays an essential role in videos, especially to help viewers keep up with the process in case of tutorials. 

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Promote your videos on:


On LinkedIn, each person is a brand; your connections depend on how well you promote yourself. From creating a portfolio to content updates related to your niche, converting audio to video online, allows quick solutions to enhance your profile. 


Facebook was one of the first social media platforms to start the autoplay of videos, the following success of these short-bites has much to do with this feature. With options to tailor and schedule your post as per your audience, promoting a video on this platform could prove to be quite beneficial.


From Stories and IGTV to the recent Instagram Reels, this platform allows you to be creative with your videos. Influencers often create content by converting audio to video online; both convenient and appealing, this suits promoters across categories/ industries. Using videos as  Stories, you could begin a quick chat with your followers or create a longer video for IGTV to provide a detailed picture.


YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform; converting audio to video online ensures that you meet all its guidelines by prompting necessary instructions. With videos that transcend subjects and industries, this platform has a phenomenal reach across the world. Upload quality videos and maintain a consistent channel, and you’re steps away towards working on a global scale. 


Popular for its DIY and recipe tutorials, Pinterest is an excellent option for those creating such content. The discovery platform allows users to follow accounts, save ideas and create boards of their own! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to become a pro at image to video conversion?

Making a video includes a host of creative elements to experiment with; the Voice2v tool consolidates these elements with an array of conversion and editing tools. Select the ‘Image to Video’ option, use high-quality images, an impactful track, and unique effects or animations to make your video captivating.

How to add music to a video? 

Clicking on the ‘Add Music to Video’ option will prompt you to upload a video (maximum – 500mb) from your system and the audio file of your choice. Once sure of your uploads, click on ‘Add the Audio to the Video Now’ for the process to begin. 

Is it possible to convert an audio file into a video?

Yes,  the Voice2v tool allows the conversion of audio to video by simply selecting the ‘Audio to Video’ tool. Know more about this feature.

 Which tool can help you convert audio to video online?

Voice2v is created with a range of conversion tools to inspire the expertise of futuristic content creators. The online platform provides prompt and quality solutions to create video par excellence. 

How long will it take to convert mp3 to video using Voice2v?

The Voice2v interface is simple to manoeuvre through; upload a track that you wish to convert from your computer, select a background from their gallery or upload the images of your choice, and your video is ready! 


The role of videos is gaining momentum in communication. A tool like Voice2v is ideal for adding music to your videos, converting images to video, and converting audio to video without taking much time off of your schedule.