Avoiding Data Security Risks While Working from Home

Rohan Mathew

Even if you are working on your couch, surrounded by plants, with your pet on your lap, a data security risk persists. In case of a data breach, the impact is just as significant, even if you are working remotely.

The most recent release of the Labour Force Survey revealed that 3.1 million Canadians were temporarily working from as of February 2021 to as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the big shift from office to home, there is a high risk of a data breach even if you are working from your living room.

Here are some ways that you can secure confidential information and prevent a data breach.

Destroy Physical Documents

It may sound absurd that document destruction is a solution. However, it is vital to consistently back up confidential data and destroy any physical copy of it. It is essential to do this because you don’t know who might gain access to the documents.

Depending on the company, yours might even be a target if you have access to sensitive information. This may enable thieves to enter your home and steal the papers. Even if you tear them to pieces and throw them out, if criminals get their hands on it, they may be able to retrieve the data. So, you must efficiently destroy the documents.

Back-Up Your Files

If you decide to shred physical documents, make sure you backed them up on your computer or a portable hard drive. Sometimes, computers can crash, and you have to need to reset them. Make it a habit to keep your data safe. Use password-protected storage and do not allow anyone else to access the information.

Sometimes, your children may want to use your computer to play games or complete their schoolwork. If they unknowingly misplace or delete your files, it may cause significant damage to your company. So, you must secure your documents and create a different user on your computer if anyone else wants to use it. Keep your account password protected.

Use a Secure Network

For some people, working remotely might mean working from a public coffee shop. However, using unsecured Wi-Fi networks makes it easier for hackers to attack. Your private information is exposed to others on the web, and you could suffer from malware distribution. It would be best if you used a secure, password-protected network in your home.

Avoid Using Personal Devices

It can be challenging to use two different devices while working from home. However, if your company provides you with a work computer, it is a better option to utilize that. Using a separate device for work will keep it away from potential risks. For example, you or a family member may want to watch a movie on your computer. If your laptop suffers from a virus attack due to the type of file downloaded, your work documents are also at risk. So, it is best to keep the two devices separate whenever possible.

Working from home gives you more freedom, and you may occasionally forget the importance of prioritizing security. But, it is still crucial that you remember the steps above. It’s better to be safe than sorry.