Importance of Getting a Good Rest After a Workout 

Rohan Mathew

Working out can be pretty addicting, especially when you start to see results and your mental health starts improving. If there’s something that’s the least harmful for your health it’s probably this, so why is it that trainers and most health experts suggest that you take a day – if not a few, off? What could possibly be so bad about working out everyday?

Well, turns out there isn’t much that’s wrong with working out everyday, but the long term effects aren’t pretty either. Working out everyday can leave your muscles weaker than they were before, result in fatigue and pain, and will generally do more harm than good. Your rest day is when all the magic happens.

If you want to know more about how resting after workouts is essential, keep reading.

Prevents Muscle Fatigue

If you’ve been working out regularly you can grow to love the way your muscles burn after a good session in the gym. Don’t get too addicted though. The lactic acid your muscles produce while they’re scrambling to break down enough glycogen to power your workouts hurts for a reason – it’s your body signaling you that it’s already pushing its limits.

A good day’s rest gives your body the chance to replace and replenish all those lost resources, leaving it pumped and ready for another day’s work. In addition, it also gives the body a chance to break down all that lactic acid that can later build up and cause a lot of pain and suffering.

Sleep Better at Night

When you’re resting after working out most of the week, your body goes into rest mode easily. It needs that extra time to recover and rebuild itself, which makes it the ideal state to sleep in.

For nights like these, sleeping on a firm mattress is the best idea. The firmness of the mattress provides much needed support to your muscles and your spine, which are all already tired from your time in the gym. If you’ve been recently waking up tired and with aches all over your body, you should check here for firmer mattresses that help support your body  better than soft mattresses through the night.

Prevent Injury

If you’re working out everyday without a break, chances are you’re putting repetitive strain on the same muscles day in and day out. There’s only so much of that your muscles can take before some serious damage happens, and we see it all the time when soccer players end up injuring their knees or feet one way or another.

Resting regularly after your workouts gives your body the chance to recover from these strenuous exercises that would eventually cause you pain and backaches throughout your life. It’s better to just take a day off once a week than to find out you’ve injured yourself too much to ever work out again.

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Rest Is Important

Working out everyday and sticking to a single routine can grow monotonous, boring, and even mentally exhausting. Your physical health isn’t the only thing you should be caring about – you need to worry about your mental health too. By resting for a day or two every week and giving yourself a break to relax, you’ll actually be doing yourself a huge favor.

Once the stress and exhaustion builds up, mental health issues like depression and anxiety might come knocking, and they’re anything but fun.