How Do I Get A List Of Small Businesses?  

Rohan Mathew

Many organizations and individuals can provide lists of local companies who are members or publish lists of local businesses. There are many ways to find a list, including searching online and visiting chambers of commerce. This guide aims at helping you get familiar with the various sources for business listings and learn ways to improve your business listing on google maps.

Sources Of Business Listings 

  • Confirm With The Local Chamber Of Commerce 

The local chamber of commerce is an excellent resource for finding small businesses that are members and can help you in many ways. They can provide you with a list of member businesses and offer tips for locating others. The chamber of commerce is where you will find the most popular business names in your community.

  • Inquire From Secretary Of State 

Your secretary of state is the authority for all the business-related information. You can find a list of member businesses and some additional online resources by visiting your secretary of state website.

  • Check With Your Local Media 

Your local newspapers, magazines, and websites will have advertisements for small businesses. You can review these ads to find names of companies that might be a good fit for your research. It might be helpful to ask your local media representatives if they could research and provide you with a list of interesting small advertising firms in your area.

  • Check For A List Of Local Businesses Online  

Use our extended network to search for a list of small business owners near you. Several websites can support your search efforts. You can also search by industry to find the ideal small business for your business needs.

  • Search Google Maps To Find Small Businesses In Your Area

You can search using keywords like “small business” and “local” to see where the businesses are located. You can remove any services you do not need from the search results and focus on simply finding local, small businesses.

  • Ways To Improve Your Business Listing On Google Maps   

There are few free ways of getting your company more business. The best way to improve your business listing on Google Maps is by doing the following:

  • Know Your Goals and Strategy 

Decide what you are trying to accomplish and how you are going to achieve it. Include your keywords in your title, description, and URL. Having an accurate meta description is very important. It will determine how many people click on the map link. A good meta description includes keywords that most visitors are searching for in a short amount of time. If your goal is to get more customers or leads, it should be reflected in your keywords.

  • Create A Clear Profile That Attracts Traffic 

Provide all the relevant information in your business profile to boost the number of visitors to your website. A complete business profile is what will make other users click on the map link. Ensure you include all the relevant information about your business, such as an address, contact details, store hours, photos, and any other information that users would like to know about you.

  • Collect Reviews 

Business reviews are another essential way to get more customers and increase sales. The more positive feedback you get on business review sites like Yelp, the more likely people will check your business listing on Google Maps.

  • Create A Clear Description 

A clear description in your profile will help visitors decide whether it is worth their time to visit your store or website. This includes an accurate address and a detailed profile for businesses that want customers to contact them by email and phone. A good description provides information about your business, such as the address, website, store hours, photos, and videos.

  •  Use Top-Level Domain 

Using the right top-level domain name (TLD) can improve your business listing on Google Maps and attract more customers. One good example of TLD is .io, a newer extension that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It attracts businesses looking for something new and innovative without hosting their site on a new domain. The .io domain has a nice ring to it, and potential customers will associate it with cutting edge.

  • Use Descriptive Urls For Your Business Listing 

Having a descriptive URL can improve your business listing on Google Maps. Use keywords in the URL so that search engines (like Google) can easily determine what your page is about. Include words such as “pizza” or “hotels” if you run a pizza parlor or hotel, respectively. As long as you include the location, you can use the first letter of your keywords in the URL and to a strong result.

  • Use A Rich Snippet 

A rich snippet is a special tag added to index pages on Google and is designed to provide helpful information to Google visitors. An excellent example of this would be links that lead to other websites to make more informed decisions. A rich snippet consists of an icon, a title, and a description. It is added anywhere on your page that you want to link to another website.

  • Put The Google Maps Badge On Your Website 

You can upload a Google Maps badge from the Business tab at It will show in the upper left corner if you are logged in as a verified owner, and if not, it will show in the lower right corner of the map.

  • Get Listed In The Google Business View 

Google Business View is a service offered by Google that replaces a physical visit to a business with an interactive 3D or street view. Businesses can be added to Google Maps using this service and even potentially win a coveted spot above the organic listings.

Beware Of Spam 

Google Maps has a strong spam filter in place; however, it is not always perfect and can sometimes remove valid listings. As a result, it is best to contact your friendly Google representative directly so you can ensure that your listing is correct.

Get Noticed Today 

When filling out any information regarding your business information, make sure that you submit it precisely as it appears on your business cards, in phone books, or on your Google listing. Suppose you do not fill in this information correctly. In that case, you could find customers driving to the wrong location and reducing sales due to poor directions on Google Maps. If you’re looking to effectively grab the attention of potential customers online by increasing your Google listings, contact Web 2.0 Ranker and get noticed today.