Bed Choosing Tips for Beginners

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A new bed is a really good investment for both body and health. It is during sleep that your body recovers and gets ready for a new day, so it is important that you get a good night’s sleep. Since we are all different – with different sleeping and sleeping habits – we also have different needs to take into account when choosing a new bed. It may sound demanding and difficult to find the right one, but you can rest assured; we will help you. Our bedding experts around our stores have a solid education that gives you safe guidance in choosing a bed. In order for us to be able to help in the best way, we would like you to come to us in the store. Feel free to book an appointment with a bed expert in a store or by phone. For new bed good mattress is very important to buy the best mattress you can visit

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  1. Select bed model

With us, you will find several different models in different price ranges. We always set high quality standards for our beds and constantly strive to find the right bed for the right person. That is why we would like to meet you when you choose a bed. In this way, we can provide as good a consultation as possible and offer you a selection of beds and bed models that suit you, your sleep and your needs.

Frame bed

The frame bed is flexible as it is relatively easy to move and fits, for example, in the guest room or the children’s room. It consists of a box spring mattress in a stable wooden frame. You can choose to have either a full or two bed mattresses, depending on whether you are going to use it as a single or double bed. With us you will find different models with different elastics, comforts and sizes.

To create a holistic feeling, you can buy a clad headboard, but the frame bed can also be used in a bed frame.

Continental bed

A continental bed often gives a mammoth and luxurious impression with its slightly higher height and many mattresses. The continental bed consists of three layers: a lower bed with a built-in spring system – alternatively a frame with a ribbed bottom – a cassette that holds a spring system together with polyether or latex in a covered case and finally a bed mattress for increased comfort. If you two share a bed, in a continental bed it is possible to choose different comforts on the mattresses, so you get the right support based on your individual needs. Create an overall impression with a suitable headboard.

Single continental bed

Teenagers sleep a lot. Then why not let them sleep really well. Our continental beds are available in smaller sizes that are well suited for youth rooms or guest rooms.

Also, you consider Fabric Bed Frames that is best option for your bedroom to make your comfort sleep.

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Adjustable bed

If you are looking to be able to adapt the bed to the sleeping position, an adjustable bed is preferable. Namely, it has an engine system that makes head and foot ends height-adjustable; which you regulate yourself with a hand control. This is a clear advantage if you want to get optimal recovery after exercise, snore or simply want to rest comfortably when reading a book. If you need a bed for medical reasons, an adjustable bed is well suited as you can adapt the bed to how your body feels just for the day. Make the bed completely complete with a headboard!

All our bed models are available in different fabrics and colors. You can also buy different types of benches and gables in matching fabric and color.

  1. Choose comfort

How are you sleeping today? Do you feel rested after the night? Or does any part of the body hurt?

To get the best possible relief and sleep comfortably, you must first know which of the comfort levels soft, medium, firm or extra firm that suits you best. Come to us in the store and tell us how you sleep and let us examine how your body looks to the different comforts. Only then can we know which comfort is right for you. And remember: your sleeping position can be completely different from your partner’s, which means you need different comforts on each side of the bed.

Sleep on your back

For those of you who sleep on your back, it is important to have a bed that provides pressure relief at the hip and shoulders. Feel the shoulders and shoulders get support without feeling pressure. You should lie “in” the bed, not on top. But not too deeply sunk either.

Sleep on your side

Those who are prone to back pain sleeping on your side in a slightly crouched position provides good support for the spine. Find a slightly lower pillow and load the neck correctly. You who sleep on your side often feel good from a bed that has an elastic system built up of many flexible springs where the shoulder and hip sink down and the spine rests horizontally.

Sleep on your stomach

Stomach sleepers usually pull up a leg and like to put their arm under the pillow. A tip for you who sleep on your stomach is to have a bed made up of several comfort zones that help you not to sink too much with your chest and stomach. A firmer bed also keeps the spine straight so you do not get a sore neck and sway.

  1. Choose a mattress pad

To create the perfect overall feeling, the choice of bed mattress is important. We have many different variants with different comfort and appearance. To create a whole with the bed, we have mattresses with an envelope-sewn edge in the same fabric.

Remember to change the bed mattress approximately every five years. Follow the washing instructions that apply to the bed mattress. Vacuuming or drying with a damp cloth keeps the mattress clean and you get a more hygienic sleeping environment. We also recommend that you supplement with a washable mattress cover for longer durability.

Also you can prefer tv bed for your room that enhance your interior.

  1. Choose a duvet and pillow

The right pillow and duvet is an important part of the whole and affects night sleep more than you think. Right now we see that it is still the warm and embracing trend of large hotel pillows and layers upon layers that applies in the bedroom. With us you will find a large and wonderful selection of duvets and pillows for the bedroom, so you can decorate the bedroom exactly as you wish.

The bed’s own dictionary

Our bed models are built in different ways. It can be difficult to understand what the different names mean when you read about our different beds. Below are a few quick explanations for some of the concepts that often occur when talking about the structure of the bed.

Elastics and elastic systems

The job of the springs is to provide support and comfort in a box spring mattress. There are both single-suspension and double-suspension elastic systems. Single suspension has one layer of elastic; double suspension is made up of two layers of elastic.

Pocket wounds

A pocket spring mattress always provides very good comfort and compliance thanks to the ingenious construction. Because the springs are held in place by separate cloth bags, each spring is loaded separately and does not affect each other. It follows the body’s simpler shapes and thus creates a more stable feeling.

X-pocket elastic system

An X-pocket elastic system is a slightly lower pocket elastic for extra comfort and compliance. This is directly on top of another elastic layer where an extra layer of pocket elastic has been added to the upper core of the mattress.


A simple cut between each pocket creates a more individual and adaptable pocket. It follows the body’s simpler shapes and thus creates a more stable feeling. This unique technology also creates better ventilation in the bed.


Bonellresår is an hourglass-shaped spring that is held together by transverse spirals. The spring begins and ends with a large ring and has a narrow waist. Bonell is often used in the lower elastic cores and makes the bed more stable.

Comfort zones

Zoned elastic systems provide varying support and comfort for different parts of the body. The load on the shoulders and hips differs from that at, for example, the waist and legs. Many of our mattresses are divided into 3, 5 or 7 comfort zones. The more zones the mattress has, the greater the opportunity it has to adapt to your body.

Polyether / Cold foam

Polyether and cold foam are really the same material. The cold foam has a more irregular and strong cell structure, which gives it more power to push back the body’s weight with. Polyether is usually more comfortable to lie on as it relieves more evenly with its finer cell structure.


Latex is a material with good breathability and ventilating effect that is used in some of our bed mattresses. Moisture and heat are transported away during sleep and the strength is high, which makes the latex mattress a very good choice for a good night’s sleep.

Fiber wadding

Fiber wadding wraps around the bed mattress to get a softer surface. It effectively ventilates away excess heat and channels away moisture. The wadding is easy to recycle and thus more environmentally friendly.