Benefits of Game Based Learning

Albert Howard

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Benefits of Game Based Learning

There was a time when students and kids used to be punished when they were caught playing without completing their homework or study work. Earlier students and kids had fear of not completing their homework and playing games even then. Whenever they used to be caught playing games they had to face punitive actions. But now situations have become upside down, parents are encouraging their kids to play more and take interest in more and more different indoor and outdoor games because every parent thinks that it might be possible that their kid can make a fine career out of that game like Sachin Tendulkar in cricket or Tiger Woods in Golf etc. People also argue that gaming can have a negative impact on the coming generation of the kids but the case is upside down. Kids are getting smarter because of being indulged in different games indoor and outdoor both. School LMS which is also known as school learning management system has also taken this matter into concern and not only allows students to participate in various sports but also send the students on various levels of games competitions to encourage them. Game based learning these days is at its peak of popularity. Kids like game-based learning a lot because they are learning a lot of various things due to it and not only about course material only but also about various other learning material. Game based learning is making students technologically sound also.  

Among all the benefits of game-based learning the top most is that students have to operate keyboard, mouse and watch at the screen at the same time due to which their hand-eye coordination becomes better than that of other students and they are able to perform multitasking at the same time. This ability makes their learning power extraordinary than other students. When students play video games then they have to think critically in order to win the game that too playing with a team with whom they have to coordinate too and due to this their critical thinking ability improves and they become able to tackle multiple issues at once and their academic performance especially in Maths subjects improves. According to an article on Stormotion, “gamification & customization features contribute to higher engagement” and this explains why this can be used as an effective training tool for both students, workers and the fitness industry. School LMS or we can say school learning management system earlier was worried due to the kids getting indulged in too much video games but they are also now favouring game-based learning because here kids learn being happy and while enjoying the game too. Due to game-based learning today we don’t have to send the students or kids to the computer classes because, being in the habit of playing games on the computer, they are already well aware of the maximum things about computers. Here kids have to memorize many things like stages of games and tactics they have to opt for at every stage or improvisation they have to make according to changes in the status of game level. Therefore, they have to remember every small and big thing which improves their memory power and they apply the same strategy in their learning and studying also. 

Many students are struggling these days with attention disorder because they have a mentality that people or dear ones aren’t paying much of attention to them and they seek new methods gain attention of others but the students who play games online and are indulged with game-based learning they don’t have to go through this because they have their own wonderland in video games where they are happy and they don’t seek attention of others. Being happy they never become sad for anything because they have their peers, their achievement, their heroic personality and everything of their imagination in their world of video games. So, they are satisfied there completely.  Most importantly parents are always very bothered that how their kids can gain knowledge of computer always and they get their kids admitted to various computer classes also to make literate in computer knowledge but they aren’t aware yet that game-based learning is making kids literate in computer more than any other computer classes because here student is learning various shortcut keys and other applications of computer that too very fast. Game based learning is making students self-reliant and gain self-confidence a lot. So , there are a lot of benefits also other than what is explained above of game-based learning hence students should opt this method of learning as much as possible.