Benefits of using offshore companies

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Benefits of using offshore companies

Currently, the offshore development centers are becoming more preferable compared to the in-house development teams due to many reasons. 

The offshore software development team model saves your time, money, and resources. In this article, we would like to note the main benefits of offshore software companies and share tips on how to choose a reliable one for your custom software development. 

Benefits of offshore software development 

Reducing costs and expenses 

When partnering with an offshore software development company, you pay only for the hours spent working on your project. In the case of the in-house development team, you will have to look for and hire each member of the team, then pay salaries all year round if the internal development team has no current tasks and occupations. In addition, offshore development centers usually offer much more reasonable hourly rates compared to the developers in your country. For instance, the European outsourcing IT market is considered to be one of the best defined by the quality of software development services and hourly rates of developers. Moreover, there is no need to supply the offshore development team with equipment as they already have all the needed resources to build your solution. 

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Saving time

As we mentioned above, the outsourcing development team eliminates the need to spend time on the recruitment process for each specialist. All responsibilities related to the resources, all development stages, and their quality lie to your outsourcing partner. You just receive regular reports and updates of your custom software development according to the initially set deadlines and budget.

Scalable resources

The technical background and resources of your in-house development team may sometimes be not enough to build a software business app based on its goals and requirements. Offshore software development companies can provide you with all needed resources to fulfill your internal team. Outsourcing development gives you a great opportunity to access a huge tech talent pool and choose the developers you would like to see in your team – the experience, skill level, technical background, hourly rates, reviews and so on. Such type of cooperation like team extension is temporary and your cooperation ends as soon as the project is finished and deployed. The conditions of partnership with the outsourcing development team are flexible and you can always end if the quality of their services does not suit your expectations.

Criteria to choose offshore software development center

The variety of outsourcing software development companies impresses and it is important to consider a particular range of things before signing the contract with your potential partner. Therefore, we would like to provide you with the criteria you need to take into account when looking for an offshore development center not to get lost in the huge number of different options. 

Relevant experience and technical background

If you start building your custom software solution from scratch, you need to have a clear vision of what this solution will be like – functionality, aims, and what your business issues will resolve. If you have only the idea, your outsourcing development partner can easily hold a discovery stage for you to convert your app idea into an operating solution. Thus, you need to ensure if their domain and technical expertise are enough and relevant for your type of software development. If you look for additional resources for your in-house development team, ensure the skill and technology level of the developers you are going to hire.

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Communication is a key

The main concern about offshore software development is the potential gaps in communication and misunderstanding with the team. It is pivotal to discuss the way you and your offshore developer will communicate, meaning choose channels like Slack, Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, etc., define the frequency of your meetings, and what things are obvious to discuss with you as a client. You need to have the ability to be fully engaged in the development process and find out about all updates of it. What is more, sometimes software projects may need some changes in the scope, so make sure the team understands the importance of discussing these changes with you before implementing them. 

Find the fresh reviews from previous clients

We do not recommend reading the feedback about your potential offshore development center of 7 or 10 years ago as the range and quality of their service must have transformed and improved so this information can be irrelevant. Check out the reviews for the previous 1-3 years on how the clients like the development process, what problems they met, and how the development team has fixed them. You can find the reviews on Clutch, Goodfirms, the corporate website of the potential partner or just google the brand to get familiar with the company a little bit closer.

Project management tools 

For constant remote project management, outsourcing software companies use various tools like Jira, Confluence, Github, etc., where all hours spent executing tasks related to your project are tracked and described and you will have access to all this private information. 

To sum up

Taking into account all the above-mentioned points, GBKSOFT has been delivering outsourcing software development services since 2011 working tirelessly on improving the quality of the developed custom software solutions that will resolve all problems our clients turned to us with. The GBKSOFT development team guarantees transparent documentation and development process using various project management tools for remote tracking the project tasks execution.

It is vital to consider all things we have covered above when selecting an offshore software development company for your project as the operation and success of your software solution actually depend on this choice. The potential partner should have an extensive technical and domain background, and also be aware of the latest innovations being applied in your area like AI & ML, cloud computing, IoT, IIoT, BI, and others.