Does Detoxification Help in Weight Loss? Simple Ways to Cleanse and Detox

Rohan Mathew

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In today’s world, careers and lifestyles have become sedentary, & health has become a primary concern for many. Human beings spend a major portion of their day in front of a screen, which has led to severe health implications, making fitness a priority. Thankfully, the awareness around the same is also increasing with every passing day. Detox Diets can be a good example of it as many people are opting for the diet after consulting a health consultant or nutritionist. 

What is a Detox Diet?

Over the years, detox diets have received a lot of attention. But what exactly is it? To put it simply, a detox diet is a dietary plan that removes all the toxins from your body and ensures fitness and health. Such crash diets comprise periods of fasting and aren’t balanced, which yields low benefits.

Do Detox Diet Aid Weight Loss?

A lot is being said about the miracles of the Detox Diet. But does a detox diet help in weight loss? Initially, you may shed some pounds, but it won’t be a case of actual weight loss. As these crash diets are not balanced and have periods of fasting in between, your body goes through water loss rather than fat loss. This can give you an impression of weight loss, but you’ll regain all of it when you get back to your actual diet.

Here are some natural and simple steps for you to detox the junk you have had over the weekend. So let’s get started!

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Drink Warm Water with Lemon Juice

Every morning, drink some lukewarm water with some freshly squeezed lemon juice. This drink flushes out all the toxins from your body, aids digestion, boosts your metabolism, and facilitates weight loss. Add some ginger juliennes for an enhanced result. A Magic Drink indeed!

Grab a Fresh Fruit

If you start your breakfast with packaged fruit juice, then you definitely should discard them off. Packaged fruit juices are not suitable for you, as they comprise preservatives, flavor enhancers, and processed sugar. Instead, grab fresh fruit and let those fibers detox your body!

Replace Caffeine with Green Tea

Caffeinated drinks are a big NO, as they do more harm to you than doing any good. Instead, switch to green tea. Green tea will not just detoxify your system but also enhance metabolism and facilitate weight loss. 

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Drink 8-10 Glass of Water

You have heard this many times, and we will repeat it. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water is undisputedly the best way to detox your body. Water flushes out the toxins, aids metabolism, and is crucial for your body’s healthy functioning. 

These are some great ways to detox, but might not be enough. With a rise in life-threatening diseases, what you need is a custom plan in sync with your body. This is where a health restoration center comes to your rescue. They curate a custom detox plan for you that is well-suited to the specific needs of your body. Their health experts are your constant guides, who stay alongside for you to regain your ideal weight most naturally. 

Put your health in the right hands of health experts and detox your body the right way, without harming your immune system.