Benefits Of Using Vacuum Storage Bags

Rohan Mathew

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Using vacuum bags has a wide range of uses. It’s a convenient product that is great for storing. This storage bag is commonly used in food, toys, clothes, etc. Even when traveling, using vacuum bags will save space for valuable items in your suitcase. Overall, it’s a hassle-free solution to your storage needs.

Also, vacuum bags can protect our stuff from dust, mold, and moths. Many restaurants innovate their selling strategy during the pandemic; they have opted for frozen food to compete and make their business move. Thus, vacuum-sealed bags are beneficial packaging for all business owners nowadays.


Just like any storage, vacuum bags save space, mainly if you use it for your clothes. You can put any clothes in there rather than just folding it right away in your suitcase. It is refrigerator friendly, especially the freezer, because you’d be able to store lots of frozen goods or fresh items compared to using plastic storage bags.

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Extended Lifespan of Items

Fresh food like fish, meats have a shorter lifespan and are more prone to bacteria. Thus, using these vacuum bags can prevent it from going to waste and reduce atmospheric oxygen, causing the growth of fungi for food. If you also have a food business, using these bags as an option, especially frozen goods, will be the right choice.


Vacuum bags can be reused for how many times, and there’s no need for you to throw it right after using it. You can have it cleaned and keep it and wait until you can reuse it. These bags are sold in sets and cost around 12 dollars, depending on the brand. It is very cost-efficient, mostly if you use it for business.

Packaging Options

There are a lot of vacuum bags to choose from; it can come with resealable zippers. The resealable vacuum bags are the most common type; you open it and fill with items you want to store. These zip bags come with a roll-up version, but the one you can fill up with a valve on the side is more effective.

There are also hanging vacuum bags but are not produced by many manufacturers. These are used to have extra space for your wardrobe by compressing it. It only comes in two sizes, you can use hanging vacuum bags for jackets, and the more extended full-length size is for coats and long gowns or dresses.

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Additional Tips In Packing Clothes When You Travel

Vacuum bags are travel-friendly. If you want to save space, you have to bear in mind that air can take 50% of the area, and thus we need the help of vacuum bags as it squeezes the air out and freeing more room for more clothes souvenirs. See below :

  1. Roll your clothes tightly and avoid wrinkle
  2. Put all your clothes in the vacuum storage bag
  3. Roll it up slowly and seal and make sure the air squeezes out

Identify Your Need

You have to identify your need for vacuum bags because there are many options available in the market. If you want a cost-efficient type of storage bags, you can use these bags but should depend on what item you will store. We should also take into consideration that using these bags is additional plastic waste.


Before buying these vacuum bags, please identify your needs first. Make sure you also know how to utilize these bags to get the best purchase properly. Also, plan it to avoid buying the bags’ wrong sizes or mistakenly buy a not so durable brand. Please do not forget to reuse and recycle your plastic bags.