Best Appliance Repair Tools List: 19 Essential Tools for Appliance Repair Technicians

Rohan Mathew

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Appliances need frequent maintenance and repair. This ensures they last long; hence no need to keep replacing expensive appliances each year. Having your appliances repaired by professional technicians saves both time and money. You can also rest assured that the professional has the right tools for the job. Pittsburgh Appliance Repair handles all your maintenance and repair needs.

Below we look at 19 essential tools for appliance repair technicians.

  1. Screw Driver Set

This is probably the most important tool for any appliance repair technician. Most appliances have to be opened up for repair work. Since different appliances are fitted with different screw shapes, a technician must have a variety of screwed drivers in terms of size and shape. Both manual and powered screwdrivers have an important role to play too. The best approach is to have a screwdriver handle with a universal opening. This enables a technician to interchange the screw heads depending on the pattern numbers.

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  1.  Multimeter/ Multi Tester

They are used to test faults on different appliances by measuring the electrical properties. A multimeter is used to measure various electrical properties, such as current, resistance, and voltage. Digital multimeters have, with time, replaced analog ones since they are more advanced and accurate.

  1. Nut Driver Set

This set is essential in tightening both nuts and bolts. There are various variations when it comes to handles. Flex shafts are used when there are obstructions as they can easily be bent, while T shafts provide a better grip. Since different appliances have different nuts, always ensure you have both metric and standard size.

  1. Heat Gun

Provides hot air used for heating different appliances. It is beneficial where soldering is involved. Temperatures can be as high as 550°C hence the need to handle this gadget with extreme care. Heat guns are essential when it comes to thawing frozen pipes and bending PVC pipes. They can also be used to repair vinyl goods and upholster furniture.

  1. Socket Wrench

This type of spanner is used specifically on sockets to turn bolts and nuts. The most common is the ratchet socket wrench which allows tightening and loosening without removing the wrench.

  1. Pliers

These are very important as they help grip mall items. They also come in handy when it comes to cutting and bending wires. Pliers can also be used to handle hot metal and compress materials.

  1. Wrench/Spanner Sets

Otherwise known as a spanner in some regions, different wrench sets are vital for fastening bolts and nuts.

  1. Soldering Iron

A tool that comes in handy when there’s a need to join two pieces of work. It is mostly used on computers and laptops and phone repairs. However, it can be used in other appliances where a filling or a joint is required.

  1. Carbon Monoxide /CO Detector

The device helps detect carbon monoxide gas. A portable CD detector is critical for industrial hygienists.

  1. Voltage Tester

This tool is important when it comes to testing voltage. It can be used on cables, switches, cords, and any other part of an appliance that conducts electricity. A non-contact voltage tester is different from a multimeter in that the tester only detects the presence or absence of voltage. A multimeter is used for a myriad of tests.

  1. Telescoping Inspection Mirror

This helps avoid the hustle of dismantling an appliance. The mirror magnifies different parts of an appliance for those hard-to-reach areas.

  1. Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump is essential when it comes to cleaning compressors. These are mostly found in appliances with cooling systems such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units and refrigerators. The complete suction by the pump is what cleans the compressor. Vacuum pumps are needed where water, air, and gases have to be removed either from tanks or pipes.

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  1.  Infrared Thermometers

This is essential to technicians working on HVAC for testing temperatures. It enables one to check heating elements accurately and safely.

  1. Gas Detectors

These are used mainly by HVAC technicians to detect gas leaks. This is important to keep you and your house safe.

  1. Steamer

Most technicians handling refrigerators can confirm that the problem is usually related to defrosting. Some prefer a heat gun or a propane torch. However, a steamer is highly recommended.

  1. Safety Goggles

These are essential for eye safety. During repairs, particles could accidentally find their way into your eyes. This can be avoided if special goggles are used.

  1. Putty Knife

They are used for glazing and scraping surfaces. They are a multipurpose tool that many types of repair people can use. 

  1. Portable light

Very important for lighting dark areas and when dealing with heavy appliances that are difficult to move. Good light with portable batteries is more reliable since the batteries can be replaced.

  1. Thread- sealing tape

The white tape is used on pipes to prevent leaks. They are thin and adhesive, meaning they can hold tightly around the pipes to stop leaks. 

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