Best cryptocurrency payment apps in 2020

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The choice of applications for cryptocurrency payments is very wide. Of course, each user has his own set of requirements when choosing a platform for work, but to create the list of “Best cryptocurrency payment apps in 2020”, we will focus on the services with the widest and most rich functionality.

Almost every cryptocurrency exchange (or another service for working with cryptocurrencies) has a mobile application. But, it is logical that they provide different functionality. Some platforms offer a condensed version of their services in a mobile app. Others are working hard to ensure that the mobile version of the exchange is in no way inferior to the main website.

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How to understand which applications do we need at hand, and which should not even install?


What do we mean by a “cryptocurrency app”?


It can be any of the applications that offer dealing with cryptocurrency. For example cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, or other apps you’ll need for efficient cryptocurrency payments, crypto-related news services, 2-Factor Authentication apps for better security and more.


What you need to pay attention most to while choosing the app?

No matter which type of cryptocurrency app you are searching for, there are some things you should pay attention to when choosing:


  • Security: the platform must comply with the highest security standards to ensure the protection of your personal data and funds. Try and search information about how the exchange stores personal data and funds. It’s important whether or not they have customer verification. Most trusted exchanges follow Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policies in order to know who their clients are.
  • Availability in your country: not all services offer access to users around the world. Check if residents of your country can use the services of the platform. Availability depends on the local cryptocurrency regulations. 
  • Real-time data: the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, so it is important to get up-to-date information as for the rates, latest news and so on. When you want to place a trade, you need to make an informed decision based on the real market data. 
  • Customer support: 24/7 customer support is very important. Whatever happens – getting advice or a solution as soon as possible will help you seize the market opportunity. 
  • Reputation. Look for some reputable platforms where customers write unbiased reviews about their experience of working with certain exchanges. They can be TrustPilot, CryptCompare, and so on.

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So, the list of the crypto-related apps you might find handy depending on your needs:

    • Various cold storage wallets. Cold wallets are considered the safest way to store cryptocurrencies, but, unfortunately, not the most convenient. Since the advent of “mobile” cold wallets, the situation has changed for the better.
    • Mobile apps by popular crypto exchanges. Many well-known cryptocurrency exchanges have their official mobile apps. However, firstly, you need to be extremely attentive and make sure that you are downloading an official application. Secondly, choose an application based on your personal trading preferences and needs. For example, if you want to buy ethereum with debit card using CEX.IO, you need to download a CEX.IO mobile app. If you are interested in tracking the real market historical data for different markets and exchanges — you need an application that offers such info. For instance, Coinmarketcap.
    • Platforms for margin trading and respective apps: Margin trading is a popular way of working with crypto for experienced traders. This kind of trading is not for those who want to place an order and forget! It means constantly monitoring the market to timely adjust your positions. The main advantage of margin trading is that it allows you to trade with leverage and operate with the bigger amount of funds than you actually own. Though it’s an attractive way to boost your profit, leverage also has a risk. So make sure you understand how it works before you start margin trading.
  • Google Authenticator: Ensuring the safety of your own funds yourself is one of the main rules in the digital money industry! Installing 2FA on your accounts with cryptocurrency assets is the right decision! All popular and trusted platforms must support this feature for security reasons.

    Using applications for 2FA protection ensures that no one except you can get into your account. In other words, it is an excellent protection against fraudsters.
  • it is a well-known investment portal and it is not surprising that its cryptocurrency application is in high demand. Easy to use, this application provides real-time data tracking for various currencies, as well as showing the history of their changes in the foreseeable past. 
  • Сoinmarketcap: The interface in the application from this large information portal is very simple, but functionality is much wider than on the website. Here you can collect a portfolio of any assets presented on the platform and watch the change in their value. You can set yourself alerts for certain price levels of digital money, there is a built-in currency converter and a function for comparing two assets. Also in the application, in a separate tab, you can read the latest news from the English-language cryptocurrency media.
  • TradingView: TradingView is a charting and data application not only from the world of cryptocurrencies but from the entire world of finance. The mobile version of the service contains all the features, settings, and tools that are found on the main TradingView website. Separately, it is worth highlighting the section with free analytics and ideas from other traders. But, as the saying goes, “smart double checks”.

No matter whichever service you’ve chosen – we strongly recommend you to conduct an additional own analysis! Unfortunately, the market is teeming with ads and no service can boast 100% expert opinion. Learn more about the app you want to download, read user reviews, and more.

We wish you successful trading!