Best Options For Verizon Prepaid Plans That You Need To Know

Rohan Mathew

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Are you looking for a prepaid plan that will suit your budget? Verizon is a telecommunication company that has been delivering its best services for almost two decades now. They have plenty of benefits to offer, including prepaid plans for your phones. They will provide the right plan that you need. From prepaid plans, to unlimited plans and specialized plans.

So if you are searching for one, Verizon has various plans to offer that will definitely suit your budget. Whether it is for business or personal use, we can assure you that Verizon will have the product and the service for you. This article will provide you some pieces of information about the best options for Verizon’s prepaid plans.

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Call and Text Only Plan

If you are more of a texting and calling type of person, then this plan is for you. This prepaid call and text only plan is the cheapest plan that Verizon offers. With only thirty dollars per month, you will already have unlimited calls and texts all over the United States. If you need to contact some of your family and friends from Canada, they also got you this plan.

All you have to do is make an upgrade for your Verizon prepaid plans. For an additional five dollars per month, you can get a call service for Canada and other US territories. The only downside to this thirty dollars plan is that it does not include any internet data allowance. But no need to worry. Verizon still has other plans for your lack of high-speed data that you can check out.

Limited Data Plan

Most of us these days often communicate using our social media platforms. We tend to browse the internet using our smartphones occasionally. If you are one of these people who prefers having a data allowance on their plans, well, this might be the one for you. Verizon has two types of limited data plans. Both packages also include an unlimited call and text service.

They have a thirty-five dollar limited data plan, which is the cheaper one with a 5 GB high speed data allowance plus the unlimited call and text service in the US. Suppose the 5 GB data is not enough for your daily data usage. In that case, you should check the $45 limited data plan, with a 15 GB data allowance, which also includes unlimited calls and text to the US and free calls to Canada and Mexico.

If you need travel pass support, both plans charge an additional five dollars a day. This plan is also best if you love sharing your data through a hotspot with your friends or family’s devices. But your internet bandwidth will be reduced to 2G for the rest of the month once your mobile data will be used up. If you want to increase your bandwidth, all you need is to give it a boost.

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Unlimited Data Plan

If you want to have an all-day, everyday internet connection, this plan is what you need. This Verizon prepaid plan offers unlimited high-speed data with unlimited calls and text in the US. It includes unlimited calls from and to other United States territories and some Latin America parts and an international travel pass service.

You can get all of these benefits for a price of sixty-five dollars. This plan is also considered as the complete plan that Verizon offers. Though mobile hotspot and tethering are not included in this plan, you can still avail of this perk by upgrading the mobile hotspot for five dollars per month.


These are the best-prepaid plans that Verizon can offer. However, if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your prepaid plan, you can always visit their website and look for better assistance from some customer service representative. This way, they can provide you with enough information on what plan you should get, either unlimited or specialized.