Best Refurbished iPhones in India

Rohan Mathew

iPhones are not just mere phones but also status symbols. They carry so much value and are durable and long-lasting. There are many iPhones in the market, however, they are very expensive. That’s why we have created a list of the best-refurbished iPhones in India. A refurbished iPhone is as good as a brand new iPhone. A refurbished phone can be bought on EMI, which makes your purchase even more budget-friendly.

  • Refurbished iPhone 11:

The iPhone 11 is an excellent phone, it has very long-lasting battery life. It has an outstanding camera performance great for low light photography. The night mode is perfect for romantic dinners and campfires. The display is great, and it’s a very efficient phone because of its advanced A13 chip. You can buy this iPhone on EMI and make it instantly affordable for you. 

  • Refurbished iPhone SE:

This light and convenient phone are one of the budget-friendly iPhones. The camera has a portrait mode, however, it has only a single lens, so the depth effect won’t be as good as the other iPhones. It also has the latest A13 Bionic chip, which makes it a very fast phone. 

  • Refurbished iPhone XS:

The iPhone XS was a pioneer phone in face ID. This phone is small, so it fits in jeans and compact handbags very easily. It has dual sims, so it’s a perfect option for people who use 2 phones, one for work and one for personal use. You can buy this powerful iPhone on EMI. 

  • Refurbished iPhone XR:

Next on the list of the best-refurbished iPhones is the XR. The XR was released as a budget phone. Its A12 Bionic chip is very advanced. It also has a great battery life which lasts up to you 16 hours. This dual sim phone also has a great camera that performs well in daylight.

  • Refurbished iPhone XS Max:

Last but not least in the list of the best-refurbished iPhones is the XS max. This phone was the most expensive in the X series. This iPhone XS Max is a slender, compact and aesthetic model. It has a great display perfect for gamers and movie lovers. You can buy this iPhone on EMI as well. 

So if you’d like to know more about these best refurbished iPhone models like specs, details, pros and cons then you can check out this blog. It covers all of these phones in detail. You can sign up with Zest Money and buy your dream iPhone on EMI