Dormer Loft Conversion

Rohan Mathew

Are you thinking for a Loft Conversion that gives your home a versatile fit? An additional floor and head space that isn’t just a great solution for your property, but also planning, costing, and regulations of building. Doesn’t that sound great? Loft Conversion London; just a perfect fit.

Loft conversion is undeniably, an ideal way to increase the usable floors pace and add head height that gives you more options than any other. But, what exactly is Dormer Loft Conversion London?

What is a Dormer Loft Conversion?

The Dormer loft conversion is built out of the existing slope of the roof; it is an extension of the existing roof that allows extra additional floor and headroom in lofts having limited space. It is an addition, to the existing roof, it’s like a box-shaped structure added onto a pitched roof, creating the walls that are vertical to the slope and 90 degrees to the floor.

It is a kind of conversion that is cost-effective in a way to add extra space to house.  The Dormer extension protrudes from roof slope and can be changed to suit variety of styles.  This type of loft conversion aids to foster minimal disruption to most of the work, as it is carried out from the scaffolding outside home. There are varied types of dormer loft conversion and which one of it will best suit for your home will entirely depend on the type of property (terraced, detached, semi-detached) and current roof size and shape.

It is regarded as the most common type of loft conversion for some reasons –

  • Creates additional headspace and floor space
  • Cost-effective.
  • No need for permission within specific conditions and limitations.

A Dormer conversion can be added to the side, or front part of the property, it can be considered adding an unsuited, a study, home office, or a bedroom. It depends on the existing structure of your house and the type of dormer conversion you are looking for in your home.

The Dormer loft conversion is a cost-effective way to add extra space to your house. The Dormer extension normally protrudes from the rear of the property, the dormer attic protrudes from the roof slope and this can be changed to suit a variety of styles. We have worked with some dormer loft conversions that have resulted in additional space of up to 50 cubic meters. This type of loft conversion gives minimal disruption as most of the work is carried out from the scaffolding outside your home. There are several types of dormer loft conversion and the best suited for your home will entirely depend on the type of property (terraced, detached, semi-detached) and your current roof shape.

Varieties of Dormer Lofts in London

Dormer Lofts are built in a different shape, from the usual flat and shed-shaped to the gabled, pediment, hipped and arched.

Flat Dormer

Flat Dormer conversions which are the most common of all conversions as they tend to give the maximum amount of internal space. On the contrary, they might not look as attractive from the outside, but the extra internal space makes it up for the lack of good looks. The gable-fronted and hipped-roof dormers are much more appealing to the eye; however, they may not give much internal space and will surely cost more to build due to the extra bit of complexity.  Just for your own knowledge, there are some local councils in London that do not allow dormers so before you select the choice of your loft conversion, ensure you check the rules with your local planning department.

Gable Roof Dormers

The Gable Roof Dormer is the best loft conversion solution for terraced properties. This is also known as the dog-house dormer, which is a more complex conversion which requires the gable wall extension upwards to meet the current ridgeline, with a new sloping roof area also built towards the new gable end.  This conversion does not require planning permission. We simply work on the existing pitched roof in order to maximize space. By adding vertical windows, you increase the sunlight and space.

Hip Roof Dormer

The hip roof dormer is quite like the gable roof dormer in terms of the general structure; however, the actual roof layout is different. A hipped roof dormer is a conversion where the roofs slope on all three sides of the structure.  This conversion is attractive to look at but this type of conversion results in less internal usable space. Areas around the UK that are prone to high winds favor this type of loft conversion. Overall it is a complex conversion to construct due to the sloping planes.