Best Tips for Working From Home With a Mac

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

With the global pandemic going on, a lot has changed and taken a different turn in our lives, both entertainment and work vise. The main factor that has changed in all of the aspects is communication – we need to learn how to do it effectively while still keeping our distance.

Talking about working from home, many people are experiencing it for the first time. Sure, there are jobs that do not require you to go to the office at all, for example, if you work for an online agency. But most companies still have physical offices, and their employees now have quite a challenge to deal with.

The biggest problems that have occurred while working from home are decreased productivity and an increase of miscommunication. Therefore to help you out with these issues, today, we want to share the best tips for working from home with a Mac – because Macs are the computers that help you with productivity and speed the most.

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Tip #1: Choose the Best Group Communication Tools

If a team starts working remotely, and especially when all of the teammates are working from home, it means that it has come time to think about a really good group communication tool. And this is the best and most effective way to troubleshoot the factor of miscommunication.

For example, in group communication tools like Slack, you can easily chat with one or a few of your coworkers. You can tag them in your messages, easily share screenshots, and create threads on a specific topic. And as Mac has apps instead of programs, you can turn on notifications and always be up to date.

All of this would not be possible if you were to continue communicating via email. You would be either forced to check your email very often to keep yourself updated on what’s going on with joined projects, or you would be very close to missing out on important notifications that are urgent.

Tip #2: Use iPad for More Screen Space

Suppose you are used to working with a bigger screen in the office, for example. In that case, if you specialize in graphics or logistics and you only have a MacBook which you use to work from home, things might become very difficult and maybe even lead to critical mistakes.

Although, if you own an iPad and you are using macOS Catalina, you can easily fix this issue and make everything easier by using the iPad as your second screen – this way, you will have more screen space and be able to be more productive.

Take your iPad, click on the System Preferences app, then go to the Display options and click on your iPad when you see it on the AirPlay Display menu. After you have done that, your iPad will start functioning as the second monitor, which you can place however you need.

Tip #3: Create a Silent Environment

The difficulty of creating an environment that has good sound isolation highly depends on the lifestyle that you are currently living in. If you live alone or have no children – it’s pretty easy. Of course, if you don’t have loud neighbors who are working on redesigning their home.

But if you have a bigger family, children, and more people working in the common space – you will need to do your best to create yourself a silent, isolated environment. The first thing you can do is use headphones – if you don’t have them, then we highly recommend you invest in it. If music distracts you, you can always listen to white noise that helps you concentrate; there is plenty of it on Apple Music.

Also, if you live somewhere warm and have the ability to use the balcony, terrace, or go to your summerhouse – don’t miss out on that chance. Chatting with your family or student friends while working might seem fun initially, but if this goes on, you will soon notice a decrease in your productivity and study or work results.

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Tip #4: Keep on Track With Your Tasks and Meetings

 It may be easier to remember tasks or meetings when you are working from the office – although it is always recommended to use a calendar in all cases. But when in the office, especially if you are working on the same projects with your teammates, it is easier to keep track and be reminded about important things.

On the other hand, when you work from home and only use your computer for work and communication, it is best to use the Calendar app on your Mac and improve productivity. Here, you can mark all of the essential tasks you need to accomplish and all of the important meetings you need to attend. You can even use reminders to be 100% you don’t miss out on anything important.