Have Fun with Face Masks in 2021

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Thanks to 2020 face masks are now one of our daily fashion choices. When it comes to choosing what mask to wear daily it helps if you have a good selection of masks that you love and enjoy. Since we all have to wear them you can now find them in an array of styles and to fit everyone’s individual aesthetics. 

Choose A Mask That Makes You Smile Even If It Is Hidden


This company has designed a face mask that doubles as a slap bracelet when not in use. They offer a wide selection of colors and designs. This is a great solution for children that continue to lose their masks when they take them off. 

With this product, they can just slap their mask on their wrist and know exactly where it is when they need it. This also means it will not just be setting on any germy surface while your child is out of your sight. 

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  • The Maskie

The Maskie is a mask that can easily be transformed into a hair scrunchie. This works great because you know when you finally get outside and get to take your mask off, you are hot, and want to get your hair off of your neck. This kills 2 birds with one stone. 

This will also help you to keep up with your mask and it will also help to keep it a lot cleaner than it will be if you throw it in your pocket or the bottom of your purse. If you do happen to have short hair you can just attach it to your wrist when you are not using it.  

  • TeePublic

If you love nerdy masks this company has a large selection of masks with themes every geek will love. They have you covered if you love Star Wars, Space Balls, or Dr. Who. These masks are just masks but they are really good for a chuckle and a butt load of nostalgia. 

  • Old Navy

If you are looking for face masks for young kids this company offers a lot of choices that feature popular licensed characters that they will love. They may also lose them because they are just masks, but luckily they are cheap so you can continue to replace them easily. 

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What Does A Mask Need To Be Effective

No matter what company you buy your face masks from you need to makes sure that certain requirements are met. The mask needs to be at least made of 2 layers of breathable and lightweight material. The mask should cover both your mouth and nose at the same time. It should also fit snuggly over your nose and under your chin to be effective. 

You want your mask to fit comfortably and securely behind your ears. Picking an adjustable mask is suggested because the loops you use to secure it can become stretch out with a lot of wear. The face mask you purchase should also be machine washable because you will be washing it a lot. 

Take Your Face Mask Game Up A Level

It is time for you to take your face mask game to a new level. Now that you know you can purchase a mask that can serve more than one function why would you not invest in something that you can use even when you no longer need a face mask. 

The Maskie is a great product because you will always need scrunchies. Go ahead and order The Maskie today and you will have a stylish face mask while you need it and when things go back to normal you will still have a cute and adorable scrunchie.