How Much Is A Storage Space Per Month?

Rohan Mathew

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Want some extra room for a brand new home theatre? A place to store your old furniture (or that exercise machine you never got around to using) can help free up valuable space in your homes. Not everyone has the luxury of a garage or a basement not occupied by your teenage son. A self-storage unit can be a perfect solution for all your storage woes. The facilities they offer are numerous, and rest assured, you can stop planning a garage sale.

“Cheap self-storage units near me” has probably become your most searched phrase on the internet, and that’s okay; this is where your quest ends. easyStorage Self Storage Kingston offers units that come in all shapes, sizes, and prices—depending on the types of services provided by the facility and the size of the storage unit you require. Here’s a list of different categories of units and services that determine the cost of storage units in Kingston.

Storage in Selby are ideal for storing all manner of possessions – including expensive musical instruments, gym equipment, and seasonal items etc.

Small Storage units

If you’re struggling to get rid of dusty old books, hiking gear, or clothes to make more space in your closet, a small storage unit is the best bet for you. This unit is roughly the size of a garden shed and has around 35 sq. ft. of space to store your items. It can accommodate a queen-size bed, dining table, chairs, boxes of clothes, figurines, gardening equipment, and other belongings which aren’t too big. This Kingston cheap self-storage unit can cost you around £19.50 per week, inclusive of VAT.

For more oversized furniture like sofas, armchairs, king-size beds, or drawers, you can rent out a slightly larger Kingston storage unit. These units are 70 sq. ft. in size and can accommodate the entire contents of a one-bedroom flat. It can be beneficial if you are moving to a smaller house or that studio apartment in the city you were eyeing. This Kingston low-cost storage unit can cost you around £39 per week, inclusive of VAT.

Medium-Size Storage Units

These Kingston storage units are perfect if you are planning a complete overhaul of your house. It can also be quite convenient if you require space to store your items while renovating your home. Medium-size storage units range between 105 and 140 sq. ft. and contain enough space to hold the contents of a two or three-bedroom house. Storing your precious furniture in these units can help avoid damage that may be caused during home renovations. It can also free up space in your home if you are looking to update and modernize your furniture and appliances. Renting a medium-size self-storage unit can cost between £58.50 and £78 per week, including VAT. It depends on the size you are looking for.

Large Storage Units

You can find large storage units in the range of 175 to 210 sq. ft. These Kingston storage units can hold several items equivalent to that of a five or six-bedroom house. They present themselves as an ideal option for collectors looking to store their memorabilia and act as warehouses for your start-up. With many firms moving towards an online mode of functioning, these storage units provide a perfect place to store office archives and equipment, saving thousands of pounds in rental costs. These Kingston storage units are available between £97.50 and £117.00 per week, inclusive of VAT.

Using self-storage facilities can be highly advantageous in terms of convenience as well as financially. An affordable self-storage facility near your location can help in freeing up valuable space at home. Make more room for the things that matter. Some Kingston storage facilities also provide additional services free of cost, which can be extremely beneficial for you. Gone are the days when you had to hire packers and movers to transfer your items to the storage facilities. Doorstep packing and pick-up service make it a hassle-free process. And when you are ready to accommodate the stuff back into your home again, they will bring it back to you. So you don’t have to go anywhere.

If you are planning to take a trip around the world, Kingston’s reasonably priced storage units provide you with an opportunity to save a lot of rental costs. Storing your items in a storage facility can be much more economical and also a safer option in some cases. Picking the right facility is imperative. You must evaluate the services, safety levels, and prices offered by each Kingston self-storage facility before making your choice.