Buying a new black faucet for your bathroom sink? Here are some basic insights

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When renovating a bathroom, you may have different thoughts about how you want to see it. You can imagine it to be the most luxurious space of your house where you can spend a few private minutes daily into thinking of a comfortable and high-end lifestyle ahead. You may want to turn it into a cozy retreat that fills you with mental peace and happiness. No matter what you aim for, you have to get the right things for your space. Since sinks and faucets are the lifelines of any bathroom, you can start with them.

The styles and diversities of choices can be distracting, particularly with faucets. But once you concentrate on a specific model, the journey can become more comfortable and enjoyable. To be precise, you can find black bathroom faucets by Kraus to be appealing and decide to replace your old fixture with one. 

As far as the black color choice goes, you don’t need to harbor any doubts about its performance in your bathroom. Black is a timeless beauty that can co-exist with anything traditional, transitional, and modern. You can mix and match with any interior theme effortlessly. However, in terms of functionality, it will be better to pay attention to its features and the overall installation situation. It can prevent any future disappointments. Here are a few points about this aspect to help you have a successful experience with your bathroom remodeling or upgrade.

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Black bathroom sink faucet: points to consider for a successful installation

Types of faucets

One of the most common designs tends to be the single-handles, where you usually have to lift the cap of the tap up and down or right to left to operate. These are largely single-hole faucets that can go with basins or vessel sinks. You have to make sure the height is appropriate for the bowl you have. Many people choose this design for its space-saving nature. You can get this type of tap in black quickly. Hence, there is nothing to miss. With one lever, you can control water flow and temperature. The new designs offer adjustable aerators to help you get access to a splash-free water stream. 

Other options include centerset, widespread, and wall-mounted. Centerset and widespread models have affinity in terms of their structure. The main difference between them is the distance between the two handles and how they appear. For example, centerset faucets accommodate two handles on one single deck plate to be functional in a tight space. These require three holes for fitting. You can quickly replace this with your black single-handle faucet if you have a deck plate to cover the additional holes. The widespread taps are also three-hole systems; however, two handles and spout settle down at a distance from each other. You cannot afford them in a limited space.

As far as the wall-mounted choices go, these are usually recommended for new or full bathroom renovation projects as these allow you to install water lines inside the walls to make them work. Besides, these are mostly suitable for vessel sinks.

Installation choices

From designs, you can assume the requirements. If you don’t have budget constraints, you can try anything. However, it is better to play safe sometimes. The faucet, sink, and the mounting surface needs to be compatible to offer you the best service. Experts suggest that people buy their deck or countertop faucet even before investing in a sink or vanity/cabinet. It enables them to obtain an adequate mounting surface for their plumbing.

Faucet size

It is not too much of a work to find an ideal faucet for your bathroom. Some homeowners will tell you it is way easier than buying one for your kitchen. You have to be aware of certain factors to make it a perfect fit for your surroundings, though. For instance, you have to keep in mind the distance between the mirror and the cabinet. Although bathroom sink faucets tend to be short, it will be better not to take any risk. Anything in the range of 6 1/4″ is not too tall or short.

When you choose your black faucet, you can check its height. A six-inch tap for a bathroom sink can be a great choice. It is unlikely to create any distraction for your mirror and the area below it.

Besides, you can also examine the reach of the spout from the base and its position with the drain. It should neither be too forward or backward. If its distance from the basin’s inner wall is not sufficient, you will face difficulty while washing hands. The water will splash on the backside. If it extends too much in front, it will again lead to water splashing and spilling. The stream must hit the bottom of the sink and not the sink walls.

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Construction material

Again, there is no shortage of options. But when you need a durable, cost-effective, and upscale solution, you cannot be in denial about a stainless steel material. It is stronger than brass and can resist high temperatures. Since lead has been banned in the US for public health and safety, you can rely on this surface to be friendly for you and your family. To be precise, if you buy a matte black finish stainless steel faucet for your bathroom, you can expect it to create a safe and modern space.

In essence, giving your bathroom a black sink faucet can have an incredible aesthetic value. But while the overall feel and look play an integral part, you also have to make it an ideal plumbing fixture. Hence, pay attention to the installation and components used in your favorite black tap. Nowadays, companies use ceramic cartridges in these designs to deal with pestering leakage issues. If you don’t want to put up with the continuous water-dripping problem in your bathroom, you would want to look at this specific feature in your faucet.

If you cannot visit a physical store, it is fine. You can browse through trusted online stores for shopping. Make sure to read product details and requirements before you get excited about something.