Chocolate Gift Hampers vs Other Types of Gifts

Rohan Mathew

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Gifts are an important part of our social relationships and they contribute to social cohesion. Choosing a gift can be a really difficult task because most of the time you do not know the preferences of the recipient. 

There are hundreds of gift choices in the market but the recent trend is chocolate gift hampers such as chocolate bouquets. They can be a great last-minute pick. 

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Reasons for choosing Chocolate Gift Hampers over other gifts

  1. Unwanted gifts have become a common problem, the end of the holiday season sees long lines of people returning gifts at stores because the gift was of no use to the recipient. This is commonly known as a deadweight loss.

The recipient does not value the gift as much as the giver had thought. These gifts are most certainly re-gifted or they are given to charity.

On the contrary, a chocolate gift hamper is a value for money, it will have an element of surprise to it and bring a smile to the face of your loved one.

  1. Most of the gifts we give are just social formalities such as a birthday party of a distant cousin or going to meet a relative you only see once a year or a colleague’s wedding. On these occasions, a chocolate bouquet will be a great choice because it will show that you made an effort and thought about them.

And it will also be easier for you to customize this gift hamper according to the occasion, such as the type of colors, texture, and design of the bouquet and the chocolates in it.

  1. Expensive gifts are not the best gifts to give. They are not a metric of how much happiness the recipient will feel. They are mostly of no utilitarian value to the recipient.

The cost of maintaining, disposing, or storing such a gift adds a burden on the recipient and they will most probably get rid of it. These kinds of gifts are called white elephants.Expensive gifts might even make the recipient feel indebted to the giver.

Chocolate gift hampers are a much better option because the recipient can also reciprocate by giving you a chocolate gift hamper as they are not heavy on the bank.

  1. The types of chocolate in the gift hamper are added at your discretion. If you know what chocolates the recipient likes then you can get them added. You can also choose healthier options such as dark chocolates.
  2. Chocolates are known to contain serotonin which is an antidepressant. They also help in the production of endorphins, which is a chemical responsible for feelings of pleasure.

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Chocolates are known to reduce stress. They also help in maintaining blood flow and lower blood pressure. They may reduce the risk of heart diseases.  

Chocolate gift hampers are a great pick because they are the best way for you to tell someone that you care about them and they deserve the best. It will bring a smile to their face and they will remember this gift for years to come.