Things to know before moving to Detroit Michigan

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There is a lot of things to take into account before moving to Detroit Michigan. In this article you will find all you need to know!


Detroit is Michigan’s largest city and the tenth-largest in the United States. Thanks to the exponential rise of the automobile industry in the early twentieth century, it has grown drastically. It had its ups and downs over the years, but Detroit is currently on the rise since young people are moving there for lower living costs. You can find a lot of useful articles on many helpful websites, but in this article, we will try to provide you with all of the things that you need to know before moving to Detroit, Michigan.

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The neighborhoods of Detroit

The thrill of cool revamped lofts, restored buildings, and chic boutiques draws new residents to historic urban communities. The city’s incredible food scene includes farm-to-table cooking, cultural fusion, food trucks, hipster hangouts, and more. Since it’s a big city, Detroit has a lot of neighborhoods to offer. We chose our favorites and here they are:

  • Corktown: This popular neighborhood was once home to Irish immigrants who arrived in Detroit around the turn of the century. Young people and entrepreneurs have re-energized the local economy and given local eateries and boutiques a new lease on life.
  • Midtown: Midtown is a prime example of all that Detroit has to offer its people. Midtown has a lot of attractions to offer, like Wayne State University, Eastern Market, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit also known as MOCAD.
  • Downtown Detroit: The amazing art deco architecture of the downtown skyscrapers in the metro Detroit area is an iconic thing to see. Coffee shops, trendy food vans, high-end hotels, sports complexes, dive bars, and shops are frequented by Detroiters who stroll, ride, or drive downtown.

All of these neighborhoods are great to move to. Moreover, you can have a lot of fun in all of them since they aren’t too far from each other. If you plan on moving to one of these neighborhoods find experts to assist you with the task. That should help you ease the transition to Detroit.

The Eastern Market

The city of Detroit is home to the largest public market district in the country. The Eastern Market is an indoor and outdoor farmers’ market that is open all year round. Hundreds of local farmers sell fresh, organic produce and meat at the market every day. It is a great place for weekly shopping. In the warmer months, this market is more like a party than a grocery store. There are food trucks outside, and the streets are filled with music and flowers. Moreover, the market district also hosts a large number of cafes and restaurants, making it the hottest foodie area in the city.

The history of Detroit

Detroit is a city with a very rich history. It’s not just the new Brooklyn, how some people call it. In the 19th century, Detroit was the last vital stop on the Underground Railroad. The leaders and churches in Detroit played an indispensable role in the civil rights movement. To this day, the city remains an important center of black leadership and activism.

If you are planning a move or just a relaxing vacation, you must first understand the history of the city. Most of the things (geography, demographics, and culture) that define the state of cities today can be traced back to racist policies and trends, such as housing and job discrimination, demolition of vibrant black neighborhoods for freeways. These incidents have accumulated decades of legitimate resentment and suspicion toward outsiders, especially those with a goal of “fixing” Detroit.

The people in Detroit

People who are not from Detroit are often taken aback when they’re walking down the street and hear a passing stranger greet them. This isn’t as uncommon in Detroit. People there greet each other all the time, whether they are strangers or acquaintances. Detroiters will often hold the door open for you, make small talk or even invite you to a barbecue. The community in Detroit is unlike any other.

Moving to Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is a great place to move to whether you are moving alone or with your family. If you are planning a move you should find a reputable moving company via Best Cross Country Movers to help you out with your move. Getting professional assistance will ease your moving process, and help you enjoy Detroit faster!

The art scene in Detroit

With stunning architecture, dozens of art exhibits at all times, plenty of street art, and a vibrant music scene, Detroit has a lot to offer for those interested in the arts. The Heidelberg Project, for example, is an explosively colorful area that proves you can turn an abandoned neighborhood into a world-renowned art movement through creativity and working with your community. This project perfectly represents the spirit of Detroit. No wonder people say Detroit is a mecca for arts and culture.

Restaurants in Detroit

Detroit has an amazing selection of restaurants to choose from, which makes it desirable to move to. If you are planning a move to Detroit, make sure to move successfully to speed up the process of diving into the Detroit cuisine! Its diverse population is reflected in the wide range of different style restaurants. You can find almost any type of cuisine ranging from Asian, Middle Eastern, and the Mediterranean to Eastern European, French, Spanish and Mexican cuisine. Coffee shops have also grown in recent years, with great options in every corner of the city. You certainly won’t miss out on great food when you move here. With a little bit of effort, you can easily find places that offer excellent food at affordable prices.

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Detroit-style pizza

There aren’t many big cities that have their own style of pizza. Detroit pizza is basically a deep-dish square pizza with a thick, crispy crust topped with pepperoni and mushrooms. The unique shape is derived from baking in a square pot, which was originally an industrial pan used to hold small parts in a factory.