Choosing The Best Pillow Protector

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Choosing The Best Pillow Protector

How much do you value the health of your skin? What about the longevity of your pillows? If you don’t want to replace them every few months, then it’s in your best interest to purchase the best pillow protector possible. While there are plenty of choices out there, this guide will help you find the best one for your budget and preferences.


Looking at all different kinds of pillow protectors, you’ll find they’re usually made out of one of three materials: cotton, satin or polyester. Satin- and cotton-based pillow protectors tend to be a little bit softer, but most people don’t mind a harder feel as long as it is strong and durable. Polyester tends to be thicker and less breathable than either satin or cotton. Some pillow protectors are also treated with an anti-bacterial coating for additional protection against dust mites and other allergens. If you have allergies, these types of pillow covers might be worth looking into.


Buying a washable pillow protector can save you money, not to mention a lot of time. Most protectors can be machine washed in a lingerie bag, and that means they will last much longer than most other covers. If you’re looking for pillows with covers that won’t need to be replaced very often at all, then consider buying some washable ones. These are ideal if you have kids or pets, as they will get dirty quickly otherwise. You should also look into getting a hypoallergenic pillow cover if you have allergies—these are great because they prevent dust mites from breeding on your pillow and keep allergens away from your face while you sleep.


Although pillow protectors are primarily used to keep dust mites out of pillows, it’s important to note that not all protectors are waterproof. You don’t want your expensive pillow turning into a water-logged mattress! Be sure to purchase a protector made with a waterproof fabric such as Tencel or Egyptian cotton, which should be able to keep liquid from seeping through.

Off Gassing

When you get a new pillow cover, it’s always best to give it time before using it. A lot of manufacturers will send their products out with a chemical finish to prevent them from becoming contaminated. This process is called off gassing, and is responsible for those weird smells that sometimes come out of new things. It can take days or even weeks for some of these odors to dissipate—but they should naturally dissipate over time when left uncovered.


Most pillow protectors are 20 x 30. That said, if you have a king size bed or a pillow with a particularly unique shape, it might require something larger than that. Check what size is recommended by your pillow cover company. You may find it doesn’t matter much; regardless of what size your protector is, you can take in and let out any excess material if needed so that it fits perfectly on your mattress or couch.

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