Choosing the Right Hookah Charcoal Size

Charlotte Miller

My name is Greg Ryabtsev, and I am the coconut charcoal briquettes wholesale expert. In this article, I will discuss how the size of hookah coals influences the shisha smoking experience.  

We will discuss only natural coconut shell charcoal for shisha. The size of the hookah coals significantly impacts the flavor and smoking experience. Selecting the proper coconut charcoal size is important. First, you do not want to overpay for a large size, and second, you need to get the proper size for your shisha bowl.

This article will explain why coconut charcoal delivers the purest taste, how size affects flavor, and recommend ideal charcoal sizes.

In case you have no time to read, here is the main summary: The bigger the shisha charcoal size, the higher the temperature and the longer it will last. So, for longer, you can enjoy your smoking.

Why coconut charcoal

Hookah enthusiasts prefer coconut charcoal due to its clean, smooth flavor profile that does not contaminate the shisha. Manufacturers make coconut charcoals entirely from coconut shells, so they do not add any chemical tastes or smells that can come from fast-lighting charcoals.

Coconut shells are the best that you can use to enjoy your actual shisha smoking.

The natural material also lights easily when you place it on an electric burner and lasts much longer, giving more smoke time per piece. But again, electric burners are expensive and are not a “live” compared to flaming charcoal briquettes. Coconut charcoal burns at lower temperatures than other types, preventing harshness and burnt flavors caused by excessive heat.

If you want to experience the purest hookah enjoyment possible, coconut shell charcoal is the clear optimal choice.

Charcoal Size Directly Influences Hookah Flavor  

The size of charcoal pieces directly affects hookah flavor in a few key ways. Larger charcoals have less surface area contacting the tobacco, creating fewer hotspots. Using bigger pieces leads to a more mellow, balanced flavor.

Smaller charcoals have increased surface area and hotspots touching the shisha, making the flavor more intense and producing thicker clouds. However, too many hotspots can also create a harsh, acrid taste. Finding the right size for your preferences is crucial for an optimal smoking experience.

Aim for Medium to Large Sized Coconut Charcoals

To achieve ideal flavor when smoking hookah, go for medium to large coconut charcoals approximately 30mm or bigger in diameter.

This provides sufficient hotspots to thoroughly heat the shisha without being overbearing. For even milder flavors, use extra large charcoals of 40mm or more. Avoid overcrowding the bowl with too many small pieces.

There are several common shapes and sizes available, including:

– Cube charcoals in 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 26mm, 27mm, 28mm, and 31mm

– Hexagonal charcoals in 20x40mm, 20x50mm, 22x40mm, 22x50mm

– Finger/Stix charcoals in 20x40mm, 20x50mm, 22x40mm, 22x50mm, 21x50mm

– Dome charcoals in 20x40mm, 20x50mm, 22x40mm, 22x50mm, 21x50mm, 20x35mm

Some ideal coconut charcoal sizes for great flavor include:

– 25 mm cubes – The popular size preferred for balanced flavor.

– 26 mm cubes – Produces a smooth, never burnt taste.  

– 27mm+ cubes – Gives an ultra-mild flavor profile.  

– 28mm+ hexagon or square flats – Offer ample heating area without excessive intensity.

Start with three medium-large cubes spaced evenly around the bowl. Only add another if necessary, being careful not to overpack charcoal or you risk scorching the shisha.

 Proper heat management techniques are also important for flavor. Rotate the coals every 10-15 minutes and ash them to remove black spots, preventing bitter flavors.

My personal recommendations

When smoking hookah, the size of the coconut charcoal significantly influences the experience. Larger pieces provide a smoother, more balanced flavor profile. For best results, choose natural coconut charcoal cubes of 25 or 26 mm.

With the right size and proper preparation, you can unlock the full delicious potential of your favorite shishas. Remember that charcoal selection lays the foundation for optimal hookah enjoyment.