Computer: Is It The Best Business Manager?

Rohan Mathew

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Who doesn’t want to earn money? Indeed, everyone does. And what is the best way to earn lots of money? It’s an obvious answer- business. In this era of technology, we have to take help of modern technologies for doing every single thing. Business is such a sector which has lots of areas to cover while working. For example – businessmen need to keep record of the goods, he has to keep notes of which things have already been sold, how much is still in stock, he has to create a database of orders and customers etc. The world has progressed, and so has the business sector. Among lots of competitors in the market, one can never stay in the race if he or she does not use modern technologies. And what can be the best technology as the helping hand in business other than computer!

Let’s discuss how this machine can actually help us in business management. It will be easier for us to go step by step. Firstly, when we make a startup or make the planning of a business, we need to advertise that properly. We have to do enough branding so that people come to us. Computer can help us with the amazing software design leaflets or billboards or even online advertisements. Also with the help of computer device we can do publicity online.

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Secondly, when we start to get order, we have to keep the orders noted in a place. In the past times, people used to note them in notebooks which was to be very honest, messy. Because there are times when we need to find specific client details. When we get 100s of orders and need to find one single client among all those 100s of names, it is close to impossible. If we keep notes in computer software of database or spreadsheet, it becomes so easier for us to manage.

Thirdly, we certainly have to keep lots of commodities in the stock. We obviously have to keep record of what has entered the stock and after delivering the orders which of the products are still left. This will allow us to need what do we need in stock and therefor we can ask the supplier to send them in time. Of course, we never want to be out of stock, do we?

Also, now businesses have gone online. We have to do these businesses with the clients through social medias. We create websites, do branding, take orders, sometimes complete transactions through online as well. Through all these processes, computer is a must. Computer has made this management procedure so easy that lots of businesses have seen so much success that is almost unimaginable. For example, Zumiez top seller is probably a big indication that online business can take us a huge way. And while going through the way, it is computer that will be with us and help us manage each and everything of the business. Specially the amazing software has made the process so easy. Indeed, computer is a box of magic! The question is, is it really the best business manager? Well, after all these, is it really necessary to answer this again?

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