Working From Home Is Up for Some Dog Owners – Here’s How to Cope

Rohan Mathew

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More and more people are heading back to work as lockdown comes to an end in most parts of the world. On the one hand, this does signal a return to normalcy. On the other, it also means that your new normal – chilling with your dog all day, is also drawing to a close.

Dogs were the only ones delighted by the lockdown. For them, it meant that they could stick to their humans all the time. However, now that this time is coming to an end, you need to prepare your pooch for this change in pace. Here is how you can manage this with minimal fuss:

Do It Gradually

Don’t try to head to work all at once, without any warning. This can be too much of a change for your pooch and they may act out. Instead, get them used to you not being there in a more gradual manner. For instance, start by leaving the house for shorter periods of time and then slowly build this up.

This will make it easier for your pup to understand that you will always come back when you leave. Another thing that you can try is to leave your dog in a particular room in the house, by themselves, for increasingly longer periods of time. Of course, make sure that the room is well lit, properly ventilated, and has plenty of space for them to move around.

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Keep Your Pooch Entertained

A dog without any entertainment can feel the loss of your presence even more. It is also possible that they can get bored and will then lash out with destructive behavior. So, even though you will be at work, it is important to make sure that your pup has plenty to do.

The good news is that entertainment options for dogs have gotten more sophisticated over the years. These days, you should be able to find an activity station for your dog. As the name implies, these are various activities that your pup can do by themselves. They can vary in complexity, ranging from tug toys all the way up to puzzles. Select one that seems best suited to your pooch’s interests and skill levels.

Don’t Make a Fuss When Leaving

It is important that your dog thinks of you leaving as being no big deal. It should be a regular occurrence. Due to this, leave the house without any fanfare. You can give them a pet goodbye but don’t get them all excited by engaging in too much stimulation. This can make them miss you more.

Just gather up your belongings, pick up your shoes and leave. You may want to put your shoes on outside as this can often signal to your pooch that it is time for you to go to work.

Exercise Before Work

Many dog owners will exercise their pups after work. Since you are trying to get them used to a new schedule, though, you should try giving them a workout in the morning. This way, you are tiring them out so that they will be less likely to be hyper during the day.

Also, they are less likely to notice that you are headed out if they have gotten their exercise for the day. This way, you can also make sure that they have had plenty of time to do their business, further adding to their overall comfort level.

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Try to Arrange Office Visits

Not ready to stay without your pooch for an entire day? Consider bringing them to the office every now and then. To make it easier to get permission, see if your pup qualifies as an emotional support animal. If they do, your company may have no choice but to let them stay in the workplace. To check their eligibility, head over to to learn more about the process.

The good news for you is that more and more companies are becoming open to the idea of allowing dogs in the workplace. So, as long as your office is suitable for pups, you may just win your case.

These are the top tips to consider when trying to reduce the risk of separation anxiety when leaving the house. Stick to these and your pup should be able to adjust fairly well.