Countries Where You Should Definitely Have A Cup Of Coffee

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Countries Where You Should Definitely Have A Cup Of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. There is even the Coffee House at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. It’s open to visitors from 7 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. Therefore, if you’re a coffee-addicted traveler, don’t forget to add this place to your list.

Down below, you will find the top countries where you definitely should have a cup of coffee. Scroll down below to learn more. Don’t forget to bookmark this page to always have an idea for a new vacation.

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Coffee seeds from Colombia are considered the best on the globe. Arabica and Robusta are the two major types of beans planted in this country. A drink from the best Colombian coffee brands will have a great and delicious taste.

Being in Colombia, all locals will understand if you ask for a mug of coffee. However, they will be impressed if you ask for ‘Tinto’ in a local cafeteria. This word means ‘coffee’ in Colombian.


The original way of preparing coffee in Turkey is unique and very popular. Ordering a mug of coffee somewhere in Istanbul, you will be impressed because the fine coffee powder will be left in your mug. Turkish coffee is unfiltered and quite strong.


This country isn’t the leader in the coffee making industry. However, Aussies know how to prepare great drinks. Being in Australia, you will easily find a coffee shop almost everywhere. Feel free to ask for a mug of coffee prepared with local beans. The most popular drinks there are long black or flat white.


Even though this country doesn’t grow coffee beans, these guys are good at preparing top-notch coffee. On average, every citizen in Switzerland consumes 17.6 lb (8 kg) of coffee. Therefore, you will hardly find a person who doesn’t like coffee in this country. Moreover, you will easily find a coffee shop in any part of Switzerland.


Most people around the world prefer drinking hot coffee. However, in Vietnam, people like iced coffee drinks. The most popular drink is a mix of strong coffee, milk, and ice. Frankly, it’s a top pick in a warm and humid climate.

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If you have the luck to spend a few days in this country, never miss a chance to go to Vienna and order a coffee cup. The coffee-making industry is well-developed there. Locals like drinking from two to five cups of coffee a day. Also, you will have a magnificent view of architectural masterpieces from the window of each coffee-shop.


It’s the country where coffee was invented. According to the myth, coffee seeds were found by a goat herder. He noticed changes in the behavior of goats when they consumed coffee cherries.

Then, the herder brought the seeds to monks who cooked the first beverage. These days, Ethiopia produces a lot of coffee seeds and exports them around the planet.

If you head to Ethiopia, it’s a must to try a cup of coffee in the land where it originates.


It is a Nordic country that imports the largest amount of coffee pods in the region. Consuming from five to eight cups of coffee is okay for Finnish people.

The country has a cold climate, and citizens experience a lack of sun. Therefore, they drink coffee to warm up and get some energy.

Being in Finland, try the Lapland coffee. It’s a mug of black coffee served with a piece of local cheese in a cup.


The culture of drinking coffee in Morocco is viral. People gather friends outside and socialize. If you never tried coffee in Morocco, you will receive a taste punch from the first sip.

Locals like to season black coffee with a large number of spices like nutmeg and black peppers.


Doubtless, Italy is a leading county in making coffee. There are tons of places where you can order a cup of tasty coffee. Also, Italians produce the best coffee-making machines. It means that local masters know the secret of making great coffee.

The most popular drink there is espresso. If you don’t like it, you can ask to add some water and milk.


Every third coffee bean comes from Brazil. This country is the most significant coffee exporter. Arabica is the most popular in Brazil. There are a lot of different coffee drinks. However, the most popular is black coffee that is produced from natural (unwashed) beans. They got dried, without removing the skin, and brewed.

Tip for Coffee Lovers

Don’t you want your coffee to become cold fast? Well, if you add cream to your cup of coffee, it will stay warm 20% longer. Also, you can purchase a mug-warmer and keep your drink hot as long as you need.