The Map to Musicality: 5 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Learning Instruments

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Teaching your child to learn a musical instrument can help them to develop a range of skills that will benefit them later in life. Learning the keyboard piano, violin, drums or guitar can help to improve hand-eye coordination, boost self-esteem, enhance reading and mathematics skills, encourage self-expression and even increase memory capacity. 

However, the question remains, how do you get your kids excited about learning a musical instrument in the first place? There are many strategies that you can use to make learning music fun and exciting. While sitting in a music class and listening to different types of music certainly have their benefits, nothing is better than getting your children to engage actively with music by learning to play an instrument. 

Let’s take a look at a few tactics you can use to get excited about learning a musical instrument. 

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Choosing The Right Instrument

If you want your children to be excited about learning an instrument, you need to ensure that you pick an instrument that they like. Just because you would like your child to play the trumpet, does not mean that they should. If they are gravitating towards the drums, let them give it a try. Allowing your child to choose the instrument that they like will encourage them to practice more often and get more enjoyment from playing. 

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Selecting A Great Teacher

Everyone has had good and bad teachers at one point or another. The teacher you choose to teach your child will have a major impact on their experience. To ensure that your kids are excited about learning an instrument, you need to choose a teacher that is passionate, patient and fun. With the right teacher, you can be sure that your children will always look forward to their next music lesson.

Learning The Right Songs

Choosing the right songs is key in keeping kids engaged when they are learning a musical instrument. Learning songs that they are familiar with will help to keep them interested in what they are being taught. If you or your teacher assigns old classical songs that your children have never heard, they will be less likely to stick with it moving forward than if they play songs they know. 

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Don’t Take It Too Seriously

Learning a musical instrument should be a fun, creative process, that allows your child to express their creativity. Going down the route of exams can put a lot of pressure on new learners and makes them dread going to class. Make sure that you make the experience as fun as possible. Encourage them to take part in the performance, join a school band or put on shows at home. Making learning fun is essential in getting your kids excited about their new musical journey.  

Be Their Cheerleader

Your kids look up to you and your feedback is important to them. Make sure that you get them excited about learning by being supportive and encouraging. Tell them that they sounded good when you hear them practice, ask them to play for you, and ask how their lessons went. Showing an interest in your child’s new hobby will encourage them to keep going and to get even more excited about their new passion.

Get Your Kids Excited About Learning A Musical Instrument

Eighty-five per cent of adults regret not learning a musical instrument when they were young and most find it frustrating and difficult to learn the basics when they get older. Get your kids excited about learning to play music and ensure that they have no regrets when they grow up. Choose the right instrument, teacher and songs to encourage your kids to get involved in the exciting world of music from a young age and enjoy all of the benefits that learning an instrument can provide.