Creative College Party Ideas

Rohan Mathew

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What are the top three things you associate college with? The majority of high school seniors will name fun, parties, and trips, while first-year students will indicate deadlines, studies, and stress. Analyzing the most common answers, we found out that even with the lack of time, parties take an important place in the life of every student, and the college period is always about parties and fun.

If you are puzzled with the question «How can I do my math homework?» many students recommend using professional student-helping services that save you from missing deadlines and let you spend time on other activities. One of them becomes parties, and in this guide, we will talk about the most interesting ideas you can implement to have fun.

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Top ideas for an unforgettable party

Once you find a reliable agency that you can always ask, «Can you do my homework for me?», you finally have some time to enjoy your college days and hanging out with friends. One of the best ways to have fun is to throw a party, buy some alcohol, prepare some great music, and ask lots of people to join. To have them remember this party as the best and brightest event, you can think about a special theme and dress code you will use. We offer some good ideas that can draw your inspiration:

  1. Graffiti

Guests should wear white T-shirts and pants they don’t care about (we recommend something old enough not to regret getting rid of it), and the hosts should provide different colored markers. With the level of alcohol, the level of your creativity will increase, and the main idea is not just to show your drawing skills but have fun in the process;

  1. Caribbean night

This only sounds like an expensive idea, but in fact, all you have to do is to ask the guests to wear some tropical outfit like Hawaiian T-shirts and hats, bring a lot of fruits, make different cocktails, and hollow out pineapple to have a cocktail right from it. Don`t forget about rum and the pirates’ theme if you loved the movie;

  1. The apocalypse

Well, not Halloween, but still there will be a lot of zombies around. You need to bring some accessories like fake blood and dark eye shadows and also tear some of your clothes apart for a more realistic look (don`t forget to move like a zombie with your hands held out). Make some cocktails with cranberry juice and vodka to complete the image;

  1. The throwback

These kinds of parties are so loved by everyone, so it will be a great choice to implement. Choose a decade (the 60s, 80s, or 90s) and pick the right music and outfits. You may not remember how exactly it was due to your age, but Google will never let you down. Besides, you can always ask your parents for their old clothes if they still keep it. Pick oversized tees, blue eyeshadow, and unisex afro to get it right;

  1. Masquerade

Who said that it should be a costume ball? You can throw a costume party where everybody will be wearing masks, and thus it will bring some intrigue to the overall mood. Shy young people will be more open to meet new people and socialize while you can even find a date and spend a wonderful evening trying to guess who she/he is;

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  1. Superheroes

Are you fans of Marvel or DC? Even though it’s not Halloween, some comic-con parties will be just great. Pick a costume of Superman, Batman or Aquaman and make great pictures with your friends combined with some good alcohol and maybe even watching movies together. This is a combination of a night in and a Halloween party;

  1. Foam party

Last but not least, why can’t this become a great option? Dancing in the foam is always fun, especially if you are pretty drunk