Everything you need to know about Bigcommerce E-commerce 

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It is an online store builder that emperors thousands of businesses in over 150 countries. The Bigcommerce e-commerce allows adding products, process orders, create discount coupons, upload photos, and create pages. It gives you the freedom to design your website that is planning to sell products and services.  

What are the unique features of Bigcommerce E-commerce?

Customizable Themes

Merchants get access to the expansive collection of themes that meets the requirements of businesses. The design platform gives you various tools to engage and increase conversion rates. The customization of the theme does not require any coding experience. Website owners have the freedom to promote top-selling and featured products on their online store.  

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Professional SEO

Many online store owners have a limited budget to make their website SEO-friendly. Bigcommerce Development Services provides tools that can automatically optimize every web page to maximize the rankings on search engines. The platform works on product page URLs and titles to make them relevant to the business. You can also customize the header tags, keywords, alt tags, meta descriptions, and more as a website owner.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

With so many options available online for e-commerce stores, which increases users expectations from your store. A Customizable control provides merchants to improve user experience on the website. People are looking for e-commerce stores with a faster page loading speed and responsiveness. 

Payment Gateway Integrations

Shoppers always expect multiple methods to complete their online transactions. Bigcommerce has one-step plans to accept significant cards in the store. The merchant can have an option to select the payment options that have lower processing charges. 

Types of Services Ecommerce Development Companies Provide are:

  •     Bigcommerce Store Design: They will help you make a solid first impression on your visitors. They can choose the best themes that match your business requirements.
  •     Bigcommerce Store Setup: It is essential to have a compatible and highly responsive website for the users.
  •     Bigcommerce API Development: The Bigcommerce Developer can help in building API. This helps to give a better experience for your clients.
  •     Bigcommerce themes and templates: The website design must not be incredible and innovative to engage visitors for a longer interval.
  •     Bigcommerce Migration: This is an excellent deal for online business as they deal with enormous amounts of data. An experienced Bigcommerce Development Services helps in easing the process of migrating data.
  •     Bigcommerce Payment Integration: The right Bigcommerce design needs payment support which helps customers complete their transactions effortlessly.
  •     Bigcommerce Support and Maintenance: The website needs to stay updated and maintain a seamless flow.

What are the Benefits of Ecommerce Development Agencies?

  1.   Better Support

Bigcommerce provides prominent features to give better parts and functionalities to the website. This is available all the time, making it easier for the developer to handle issues and provide a better customer experience.

  1.   Mobile themes

Mobile traffic is gaining a lot of attention in the digital market. These templates give you higher chances of gaining organic traffic. It is essential to get your Bigcommerce website must be responsive for the customers.

  1.   Manage Returns

Some customers want to process the returns on your products and services. It is easier for them if you have a seamless process. Bigcommerce provides tools to improve the interface of the website. 

  1.   Search Engine Friendly

The Bigcommerce platform increases the visibility of your store on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It has tools that could boost your e-commerce SEO.

Some Pros and Cons of Hire a Freelancer:

The pros of Bigcommerce Development Services

  •     There are management tools, product management, analytics, order management, and reports improving the Bigcommerce store.
  •     The marketing modules like Google Ads integrations, discount coupons, and more.
  •     Bigcommerce is affordable, as it gives you significant features and functions
  •     It provides excellent customer assistance to ensure smooth services on your Bigcommerce store.
  •     It includes multiple currency support to reach the target audience globally
  •     Bigcommerce does not charge any transactional fees
  •     It reduces the chances of cart abandonment
  •     There are built-in marketing tools to improve the website presence on the digital market

The Cons of Bigcommerce Development Services:

  •     Some themes can be expensive for businesses
  •     It is sometimes difficult to include text content on the website
  •     The homepage carousel needs some efforts before giving a pleasing look and feel
  •     Some design features do not work always
  •     There is a limitation on the annual online sales, after which you need to buy an expensive plan

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We have given you enough reason to choose Bigcommerce as your next e-commerce development company. Just tips to consider before you hire your Bigcommerce E-Commerce Services are:

  •     Budget
  •     Target Location
  •     Portfolio of the development company and team
  •     Tenure of development, support, and maintenance
  •     Experience in the market
  •     References

These pointers will help you make the right decision and find the perfect fit for your business development. As you want them to vision the website from your eye and develop achievable ideas. It is a long-term process that requires regular support to ensure an effortless experience.