Did You Have a Car Accident in Idaho, Here Is What You Should Do

Rohan Mathew


Car accidents are very unfortunate events. They may lead to huge physical damage, which can even extend to permanent disability. Besides the physical pain, the emotional and financial pain often go unaccounted for. Not only you, but your family too has to undergo the pain of an accident. 

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Things to do if you had a car accident in Idaho

Here is a list of the course of actions that you must undertake:

1- Stay at the scene- irrespective of the natural impulse of fleeing from the crime scene, you must resist this temptation and stay put at your place. If you flee from the scene, there is all probability that criminal charges will be pressed against you. if you have undergone physical injuries, then you may call the ambulance. 

2- Call the police- in Idaho, if the accident has resulted in damage of property more than worth $1500, or has caused a physical injury or death, then you must call the police. 


Car accident cases are unfortunate and if you follow the advice of the lawyer, it will become less painful.