Here’s What to Expect from Security Patrol Services

Rohan Mathew

Here’s What to Expect from Security Patrol Services

Hiring a security patrol can really go a long way towards making your business premises or residential neighborhood look, feel, and actually be safer. Studies have shown that security guards can massively affect how safe a premises or neighborhood actually is. Security officers aren’t just for show – they can definitely prevent loss and shrinkage, deter theft by employees, prevent vandalism, and even protect customers and employees from violent crime in areas like parking lots and garages.

A security patrol service provides consistent security services for your entire area. Guards will consistently check points of entry and other vulnerable areas regularly throughout their shifts. Hiring a security patrol service can be more affordable than hiring a dedicated security guard, too. Here’s what you can expect from one of these services.

Regular Checks

Perhaps the primary thing you expect to receive when you hire security patrol services is regular checks of the premises and regular tests of things like locks, windows, control panels, and alarms. They’ll check for signs of damage that could indicate a break-in or attempted break-in, and they’ll keep a special eye on points of vulnerability in your perimeter. 

They’ll also spot issues that could cause problems later, like damage to a lock or leaves obscuring a security camera. As trained security professionals, your patrol guards will be able to recommend the correct course of action to address weaknesses in your security, and may even be able to take the initiative to fix some issues themselves as they occur. Checks should be performed consistently, with the same things being checked in each patrol, but also with some amount of variability, so that criminals can’t just figure out the security guard’s patrol schedule and slip in between rounds.

Safety Expertise

Security officers are trained in safety and loss prevention, and they’ll be able to bring that knowledge to bear on your business or neighborhood to improve all-around security. For example, they know the techniques thieves use to get away with shoplifting, and how to identify someone with suspicious body language that could mean they’re in the middle of carrying out a theft. They’re also experts at knowing when someone looks out of place in an area, and shouldn’t be present. They know how to talk to people to de-escalate potentially violent situations. And they have the training to take charge in an emergency situation, such as a fire, an earthquake, or a medical emergency, so you don’t need to wait for help from emergency personnel.

Crime Deterrence 

The presence of a security guard patrol is highly visible, and just knowing that a business or neighborhood is professionally guarded can be enough to put off many would-be criminals. Customers and employees who have seen something or someone suspicious, or just feel like they need help from a security officer, will be able to instantly recognize a security patrol to ask for help. Security patrols can make customers, employees, and residents feel much safer, especially when they’re navigating poorly lit parking lots or garages. The presence of a security patrol on your property shows would-be criminals that you take your security seriously.

Eagle Eyes

Security patrol personnel are trained to notice anything that seems unusual or out of place. They’ll quickly become familiar with who should and shouldn’t be on sight, what entryways should be kept locked, and what your access system looks like. They’ll be much more attuned to possible problems than you and your staff, and will do a great job spotting signs of trouble.

Patrol Services or a Dedicated Guard?

A security patrol service is usually a little cheaper than a dedicated security guard, because they often patrol multiple properties at once by just going to one after another. That’s not to say that a security patrol service can’t provide the security your premises need. But a dedicated security guard might be the better choice, depending on what you need from security guarding services. 

The only thing that may be a concern about security patrol services is that it can sometimes take several minutes for security personnel to arrive on the premises if something goes wrong between patrols. So, if you need someone on-site to provide real-time assistance in the case of an emergency, you should go with a dedicated security guard. Otherwise, a security patrol service should suit your needs just fine.

Nothing says to criminals that you take security seriously quite like hiring a security patrol service. Security guards are a highly visible tool for protecting your business or neighborhood. It’s well worth it to know your premises are safe, no matter what happens.