Does Your Health Insurance Program Offer You the Right Cover?

Rohan Mathew

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When you reach the age of 65, you want to know that your health is going to be taken care of. After all, should anything happen, it is good to know that you will not have to fork out thousands of dollars to pay for your care. It is worth spending some time and research finding out exactly what your health insurance program offers you before you end up with bills that could reach thousands of dollars.

Who qualifies for Medicare?

As long as you are eligible, Medicare pays for 80% of your medical bills. To be eligible for Medicare, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • To be over the age of 65
  • For your Medicare taxes to have been paid for at least ten years while you or your spouse were working
  • Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board give you retirement benefits, or you are eligible to take them
  • You or your spouse have worked in government employment, and you have been covered by Medicare
  • Other younger people with specific medical needs

If you are over the age of 65 but do not meet the above criteria, you might be able to buy a Medicare program. You can also check the government Medicare website for your eligibility. 

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What about the other 20%?

While Medicare pays for a significant percentage of your medical needs, finding that extra 20% can be tricky and worrying, especially if you are sick. That is where Medicare supplements come in. With a Medicare supplement insurance program, you can feel reassured that your health is taken care of. 

A reputable insurance company can offer you a supplement for your Medicare program, giving you peace of mind that you are covered should anything happen. This can help to cover those extra costs in a monthly premium that you pay, and this can help to spread the cost. 

Why bother taking a Medicare supplement?

Nobody likes to think of themselves being stuck in a hospital or needing long-term treatment, but it can happen. While it might be easy to think that it will never happen to you, you are better off being covered and having the additional security that you will be able to get the treatment you need, should the worst happen. While basic Medicare gives you hospital insurance, a supplement plan can cover the extras that might crop up. For example, if your stay in hospital results in needing follow-up outpatient appointments and other doctor visits, you may have to pay for that. As well as this, costs from prescriptions can also be expensive and add up, which is where a supplement plan can help you. 

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Take control of your health insurance program

When you prepare for the unexpected, you are prepared for whatever may come your way. Medicare supplements can fit your needs and give you the reassurance you need. Find a policy that is right for you today, and you can take care of your future. When looking for a partner, it’s always a good idea to ask family and friends for recommendations on companies they may be working with for cover.