Don’t hide your imperfections anymore-Get a permanent solution with the latest beauty treatments

Rohan Mathew

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Now everything is possible in the cosmetic industry. If you are dealing with any imperfection that ruins your personality then you can get the work done by having a beauty treatment so you don’t have to hire your imperfections anymore. This fact is quite obvious that your face plays an important role when it comes to your looks and beauty. If there is something wrong with your facial features then this is a situation you need to deal with right now. So what type of imperfection do you have in your facial features? Don’t you have a perfectly structured nose? Then how are you going to make it look perfect? Now you have two choices one is getting plastic surgery that will be literally constructing your nose and the other one is a 5-minute nose job. Well, the second beauty treatment is totally non-surgical. 

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How a 5 minute nose job is better than getting surgery on your nose?

You can call this non-surgical treatment non-surgical rhinoplasty as well. The reason why you must prefer this beauty treatment over a surgical one is that it doesn’t have any side effects. There will be very little blood loss and no surgical equipment like scissors or blade will be a part of it. You won’t get a single cut or stitch on your skin so you won’t get a wound to take care of. There is no chance you will face any skin infection once the treatment is done.

On the contrary, if you choose plastic surgery that might be helpful to change the structure of your nose but it comes with many other flaws. Like this treatment is surgical so you will get cut and a wound on your skin. You will have to take care of the stitches if you don’t want to get any skin infection later. If your wound gets infected and you are going to deal with the worse and painful situation. Your face will get swell once the treatment is done and there will be blood loss. When you are getting things done in quite a simple and less painful way then why do you have to go through all these painful situations? There are possibilities of not getting your desired results and there will be no going back. So you will have to live with whatever outcome you get whether you are happy with it or not. Plastic surgeries are also quite expensive treatments but a 5 minute nose job is not. 

What does a 5-minute nose job consist of?

This beauty treatment only consists of tiny injections and fillers. Yes, the fillers are going to be like Radiesse, Restylane, and Artefill (Bellafill). Even if you have a sensitive skin type these won’t affect you in any bad way. These will be used to remove the divots, bumps and for the filling of gaps in your nose. They will get injected into your nose through tiny needles. After the treatment, you will notice that your nose has become sharper, straighter, and more symmetrical with your other facial features. 

With the passage of time, our skin starts getting a bit duller and it starts receiving wrinkles. No one likes to have wrinkled skin but you can hide those wrinkles with makeup. Makeup is a permanent solution to this beauty problem of yours. You can’t wear makeup all the time because you’ll have to let your skin breathe at least. If you are looking for a permanent treatment then there are many instant wrinkle remover creams available in the market. But are you certain about the results that the wrinkles will vanish and you will get smooth glowing wrinkle-free skin? Many of the wrinkle creams are made up of chemicals that might even burn your skin. So you have been very careful while choosing any beauty product or treatment for your skin. If you are also struggling with wrinkle problems then skin microneedling is the best way to get rid of them. 

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How skin microneedling is an instant wrinkle remover treatment?

When you start using the microneedling roller on your skin, the microneedles will start pricking on your skin while leaving very tiny holes. These needles will improve the blood flow under your skin and remove the underlying dust and dirt layers that are a significant reason for getting wrinkles. The holes and a little bit of redness will heal in a few hours after treatment. If you are worried about this treatment then you can use a serum with the roller so you get perfect wrinkle-free skin in the end. 

Organic ingredients of the serum that you must choose with the microneedling roller

You don’t have to worry about microneedling or the serum either. These both have been designed to make your skin alive again. Just to make the microneedling beauty procedure a bit more smooth and effective here is a serum made of all the organic and natural ingredients suitable for every skin type:

Jojoba: it will improve the moisture level of your skin if it has gotten dry a bit 

Dermawhite: the fact about this ingredient has been proven clinically that it inhibits melanin synthesis by 90%

Kojic acid: by inhibiting melanin production this natural ingredient will improve your skin complexion

Papaya Extract: a natural extract that will work as an exfoliator and gives you a vibrant skin complexion

Meadowfoam Oil: it will calm irritation if caused by microneedling and it has rejuvenating properties

What will be the outcome of using a microneedling roller?

Here are the changes you will notice in your skin after the skin micro needling beauty treatment:

  • The wrinkles will start vanishing
  • It will remove dark spots, freckles
  • Lessens melanin synthesis with the help of serum
  • Healthy and vibrant skin complexion
  • Your skin will become more resilient and full of glow