Don’t Let COVID Take Away Christmas: 5 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

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At the time of writing, it’s November 2020, and chances are, most people will celebrate Christmas in a more isolated way this year. While it can be quite a downer to not visit dear relatives and get together for some festivities, that doesn’t necessarily mean all hope is lost.

For example, if there are children in the family, you can still put in some effort to get them some amazing presents. In fact, they can be so awesome that they take the COVID blues away!

Do you need some inspiration? Then here are the 5 best Christmas gifts for kids this year!

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  1. Board Games

Board games might sound super old-school, but hear us out. These are actually making a huge comeback with people of all ages!

Seeing as most people are entranced with and engrossed in their phones, some have actually taken a step back and realized they need to take a break from technology at times. As a result, board games have soared in popularity in recent years as a way for people to disconnect from tech and reconnect with people.

Now that many of us are stuck in quarantine and/or lockdown of some sort, it’s more important than ever to connect with those around you. What better way to do that than with some board games?

By giving the kids in your household (or another) some board games, you’ll be bringing great joy to not only their lives, but others in the family too! And considering there are board games for all ages and interests, there’s sure to be some titles out there that are just perfect for the children in your life.

  1. Video Games

Maybe disconnecting from tech just isn’t your kids’ cup of tea. In that case, you might want to try gifting them some video games, especially ones that they’ve been raving about.

Depending on which platform your children like to play on, you can either give them gifts directly by purchasing them on Steam, Xbox Live, or getting physical copies. Or if you’re not entirely sure what they want, and you want them to have some fun money to spend on things like skins, stickers, and more, then give them either physical or digital gift cards.

This is one of the top Christmas gifts for kids if they’ve been missing their friends. Video games are a great way for them to socialize without having to meet up in person, so you’ll be the coolest parent around if you give them this present this Christmas!

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  1. Sports Equipment

Did you know that kids are supposed to get at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity every day? When they were still going to school as normal, your little ones probably had no problem hitting that minimum.

But now that they’re stuck at home all day, chances are, they’re more sedentary than normal. Children need regular physical activity to flourish both physically and mentally. So it’s important that you get your kids up and moving as much as possible, even during quarantine.

You can help encourage them to do so by gifting them new sports equipment like roller skates or skateboards. You can also gift them a super fun stunt scooter if you’d like that. Keyword: new sports equipment like roller skates or skateboards. A good idea is to get things that can get you and other family members involved so it’s a group activity! That way, all of you can get some physical activity in and stay healthy during the pandemic.

  1. Nerf Guns

You might have some fond memories of playing with Nerf guns as a child. What’s great is, they’re just as popular today as they were decades ago!

It’s true that today’s kids have a bunch of fancy toys to play with, but nothing beats having an old-fashioned Nerf gun war. This is especially true if they’re locked down and don’t have anywhere to go.

Get the children in your life the best Nerf gun snipers so they can have fights either in the house or out in the yard. This is a great way to perk them up and help them burn off some excess energy from staying inside all day. Plus, even the grownups can join in on a few rounds or so!

  1. Arts and Crafts Kits

The pandemic is the perfect time for your children to pick up some new indoor hobbies. This is especially true if you feel like they’re always on their phones, squinting at various apps. Not only is this bad for their eyes, but it also causes them to be isolated and shut off from the rest of the family.

When it comes to Christmas gifts for kids, arts and crafts kits are always great, pandemic or not. These help them get in touch with their creative sides, plus they help children with motor skills.

Plus, these kits come in a wide variety of choices, such as friendship bracelets, origami, beadwork, crocheting, sewing, and more. If you get several kits, the entire family can have fun trading off these kits while sitting around and having some quality time.

If your children end up really enjoying a few arts and crafts, you just might be helping them develop a skill that they’ll treasure for years to come. And who knows, they might end up creating some fantastic pieces of art in the future!

Get the Best Christmas Gifts for Kids This Year

Now that you know some of the best Christmas gifts for kids, you’re sure to be a hit with them this year. Whether you’re shopping for your own kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews, one thing’s for certain: you’ll be their favorite family member and they’ll be forever grateful for the fantastic Christmas presents you’ve given them!

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