Don’t Make These Mistakes in Your Essay

Rohan Mathew

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Essays make up a significant percentage of a student’s final grade. So it’s critical you put your best foot forward when writing one. You’ve to ensure your paper matches the standard formatting styles and void of errors. Students looking for fast and high-quality pieces often have professionals online type essay write-ups for them. 

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when writing your essay. 

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Skipping the Proofreading Phase 

Safe for having a writing service type essay papers for you, it can be exhausting to write one. Many students can’t wait to finish their write-ups, as they spend long periods researching, deliberating on a title, arranging arguments, and more. They can’t maintain their focus, skip the proofreading phase, and turn in a paper riddled with grammar errors and misspellings. 

You shouldn’t submit your first draft or skip proofreading your work as you’re only human and will make errors. Writing for extended periods lowers your productivity, so you should always spare some time correcting your mistakes. 

Hard to Read Sentences 

Take some time to read your sentences. How do they come off? Simple or complex to read? You should always write with your audience in mind. So write short and concise sentences that’s easy to read and understand. 

Consider breaking up complex sentences into short and simple texts. You won’t get extra marks for how conjunction and conjunctions you can fit in a text, but you could lose some. Aim for simple and concise as much as possible on your paper. 

It’s best to go over your document multiple times, identifying paragraphs that don’t sound right or could do with better phasing. Many students often ask questions such as, “how can I get someone to type my essay?”, or “can I have a professional type essay papers for me?”. This way, they skip the headache of writing and get a top writer prepare a splendid write-up. 

Being Biased in Your Arguments 

The goal behind essays is to understand your thoughts or views on a subject matter. Many students often become biased with their arguments, in an attempt to express themselves. You shouldn’t let your beliefs guide your writing, rather, let logic lead the way. If you want to convince a reader about your arguments, provide them with facts and counter-arguments. 

Complex Words 

In an attempt to show off their command of the English language, many students use complex words rather than simple ones. Using vocabulary that a general audience would find confusing has no place in essays. 

It’s acceptable to use the lingual franca of a specific group if your topic is connected to them in some form. For example, you can use scientific terms if you’re writing a paper about doctors. But outside this rule, it’s best you go with familiar words and not have your readers reach out for the dictionary at every sentence. 

Making a Mess of Citations 

Very few students get citation right. They make a mess of it in the text and reference section. Your discipline dictates the referencing style you should employ in your write-ups. If your tutor doesn’t provide you with one, consider going with MLA for humanities, or APA for social sciences. 

Formatting Inconsistencies 

Formatting describes the following attributes of your paper. 

  • Font type and size 
  • Text Size 
  • Bullet point or numbering style 
  • Line spaces 
  • Paragraph indents 

Having inconsistent formatting is a dead giveaway for plagiarism. It gives the impression that you copied your content from a third party. Such mishaps also makes your work harder to read so take the time to review your write-ups, ensuring your formatting is correct. 

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Final Thoughts

For many students, writing an essay isn’t a walk in the park. It’s easy to make mistakes that undermine the quality of your write-ups. Many students often go with having an essay writing service help them instead, especially with dissertation writing. They don’t have to spend long hours on research and can take on other projects with the extra time. 

On your essays, it’s best to avoid complex sentences, formatting Inconsistencies, biased opinions, or skipping the proofreading phrase. Practice this tips and you’re sure to improve the quality of your write-ups.