HYDRAGUN vs. Hypervolt Plus: Which Massage Gun is the Best?

Rohan Mathew

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When the concept of the massage gun was first introduced, the entire world was changed. Okay, probably not the entire world — but the world of sports and recovery definitely was. 

Purported as a device that offers the same relief from muscle soreness as the deep-tissue massage therapy you get from your masseuse, the muscle gun has attracted a lot of attention. Athletes and other sports or fitness professionals have tried it, and all raved about this product. 

Even non-athletes can enjoy the benefits of a massage gun. Because of this, many people are interested in buying one for themselves. 

But there are so many brands out there — how do you know which one to choose? How do you pick a muscle gun that works for you and is affordable at the same time?

Luckily, there are two brands that are mid-range in terms of price, but they are both still well-received. These two massage guns are Hypervolt Plus and HYDRAGUN. 

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Getting to Know the Brands: Hyperice and HYDRAGUN

For those of you who are unaware — or for those of you who have heard about them but don’t know anything more — Hypervolt Plus is a product of Hyperice, which is a company that launched in 2011. As of right now, they have three models available, as well as other sports recovery products on their website. For this review, we’ll use the Hypervolt Plus

Meanwhile, HYDRAGUN launched in Australia in October this year. In addition to offering their flagship product (the massage gun), the company also participates in other initiatives, the most popular being HYDRAGIVES — an initiative that supports one underprivileged athlete every month by giving them a free HYDRAGUN kit so they can recover faster every after training session, thus helping them achieve their best.

Now that we’ve done the introductions, let’s get to the review, starting with Hypervolt Plus. 

What Makes Hypervolt Plus Good?

Inside the box of Hypervolt Plus, you’ll find the massage gun, the set of 5 head attachments, a pouch for the head attachment, and a wall charger. 

When I first held the Hypervolt Plus, I could tell it’s well-built. The massage gun felt sturdy in my hands, and I just know it will definitely last long. 

After the initial examination, it was now time for me to put it to the test. I chose a head attachment, turned it on, and set a speed setting (there are three), and started the massage on my thigh. 

And you know what — people were right when they said massage guns are a godsend. Hypervolt Plus unraveled my tight muscle knots in just a short amount of time, and after 10 to 15 minutes of using it, I felt totally relaxed. I also really liked the different sensations I get from the three speed settings that the device offers: the lowest setting felt like a gentle prodding of my muscles while the highest setting was really digging deep and hard.

I also appreciated how quiet this device is, especially since I keep hearing people complain about how loud massage guns generally are. Sure, I could still hear the whirring noise, but it wasn’t so loud that it got into my nerves. I can easily watch TV or talk to someone while I’m using the massage gun.

Lastly, I’m impressed with Hypervolt Plus’s battery life. From what I’ve heard, the batteries of massage guns don’t last that long — just somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour. But Hypervolt Plus lasted about 2.5 hours. That’s already a couple of days’ worth of massages, so it’s really impressive.

Long story short, Hypervolt Plus has proven itself to be a competent muscle gun at a reasonable price, which is around 535 AUD (399 USD). So, I can definitely see the hype. 

But…What Makes HYDRAGUN Better?

When Hypervolt Plus was the only massage gun I tried, I thought that it was going to be hard to beat. I mean, it already accomplished so much: it’s powerful, its battery life is good, it’s quiet, and it’s not that pricey. HYDRAGUN couldn’t possibly beat it. 

But HYDRAGUN actually could — and it did. 

Here are the features that I think HYDRAGUN does better than Hypervolt Plus. 

Ergonomics/Ease of Use

At first glance, the HYDRAGUN and Hypervolt Plus look almost alike: they both have the gun design, and their buttons are accessible, thus making them both easy to use. But I discovered that there are a number of details that make HYDRAGUN slightly better than Hypervolt Plus.

Firstly, HYDRAGUN’s handle is at a 99-degree angle and is covered in silicone. This makes it easier to grip as it is designed to optimally align your forearm, wrist, and handle. 

Secondly, HYDRAGUN has six attachment heads, as opposed to Hypervolt Plus’s five, and two of these attachment heads are stainless steel ones. 

I never once thought that there’s a difference between the standard heads and the steel ones, but when I tried all of the heads, I felt the difference. Both the steel flat head and the steel round head glide easily over my clothing, unlike the other heads, and they’re also great for a harder massage for larger muscle groups. That’s a plus in my book. 

Because of these details that elevate my experience using the HYDRAGUN, I have to say that HYDRAGUN has a bit more of an edge, ergonomics-wise. 


The HYDRAGUN and Hypervolt Plus almost weigh the same: HYDRAGUN’s weight is at 2.3lbs while Hypervolt Plus weighs 2.5lbs. At first, I didn’t mind this difference. I mean, Hypervolt Plus is only 0.2lbs heavier than HYDRAGUN — what difference does that make?

Apparently, a lot.

The difference isn’t noticeable the first time you hold both of them. But when you use them for days on end, you’ll notice then. I swear after weeks of alternating between them, I really started to question if their weight difference is only 0.2lbs. My arms do ache after holding the Hypervolt Plus for a while. 

Because of this, I have to hand it to HYDRAGUN. Its weight makes things extra convenient for me. 


Between the two of them, only HYDRAGUN offers a free protective case, and this protective case can carry the massage gun, its head attachments, and the charger. Meanwhile, Hypervolt Plus only offers a pouch for the head attachments, and if you want to have a case for the massage gun, you have to buy it for an additional 66 AUD (49 USD). 

This is a plus point for HYDRAGUN because not only does having a free protective carrying case save me money, but it also saves me time and energy. I’m a busy person, so I tend to forget things. For that reason, I need to have all the important things right in one place, so I don’t have to go through my place just to look for them. 

HYDRAGUN’s protective carrying case keeps the massage gun and all the necessary components in one bag, which I greatly appreciate. 

Strength and Speed

Hypervolt Plus only offers three different settings for strength/speed while HYDRAGUN offers six. While I found that Hypervolt Plus’s three settings work fine enough for me, I do appreciate the variety of speed settings that HYDRAGUN offers. The rise in speed intensity for HYDRAGUN is gradual and subtle, so I don’t have to worry about getting underwhelmed or overwhelmed. I’ll always find the right speed setting for me.  

I also really enjoy using different settings every now and then because doing so makes the massage more interesting. 

Noise Level

I thought it was surprising enough that the Hypervolt Plus is quiet despite it being a powerful tool. But apparently, HYDRAGUN comes prepared with an even bigger surprise because it’s a lot quieter than HypervoltPlus.

In fact, it’s so quiet that sometimes, I actually forget I’m still holding the massage gun as I’m watching TV or cooling down inside the gym. I can even use it while I’m on a Zoom call, and no one in the meeting can hear the massage gun. HYDRAGUN’s low noise level is truly a shocking revelation. 

Battery Life

In addition to the noise level, another shocking revelation is HYDRAGUN’s battery life. I just expected HYDRAGUN’s battery life to be around 2.5 hours, which is similar to Hypervolt Plus, but apparently, its battery life is 6 hours! It can even reach 7, depending on my usage!

When I learned this, my jaw dropped to the floor. HYDRAGUN has just set the bar really high for other massage guns, and I don’t think I’ll want to settle for anything less. 


And last but not least, HYDRAGUN is cheaper than Hypervolt Plus. It costs 399 AUD (299 USD), as opposed to Hypervolt Plus’s 535 AUD. 

In other words, you can get more benefits from HYDRAGUN at a cheaper price. Isn’t that just the best of both worlds?

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After several weeks of using both Hypervolt Plus and HYDRAGUN, I’ve finally decided on a winner. And the best massage gun for me is HYDRAGUN. 

Now, don’t get me wrong: Hypervolt Plus is undeniably a great massage gun itself. It’s sturdy and well-built, and it has greatly offered me relief from muscle soreness whenever I use it. But there are just a few aspects and details that make HYDRAGUN more favorable for me. 

The HYDRAGUN is not heavy, it’s quiet, it has a really portable and convenient case, it has a variety of speed options, and it has a long battery life. Plus, it’s cheaper than Hypervolt Plus. All these factors have eventually convinced me that I prefer HYDRAGUN over Hypervolt Plus. 

After reading this post, which massage gun have you decided to get? Let me know!