Education Apps for Parents, Teachers, and Students

Rohan Mathew

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Self-learning is more encouraged today than ever before, parents no longer leave the responsibility of teaching only to educators, they are much more involved in the academic education of their children. 

Mobile education applications can be useful academic support for students, parents, and teachers.

There are apps that can help study science, mathematics, English, and more, teachers can assign tasks and evaluate their students’ performances via these apps and parents can also monitor the performance of their children.

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Education Apps for better Student Academic Performance

There are online and offline education apps, some are classroom apps for students, these apps are developed to support teachers and facilitate the teaching process.


Klassly tops my list today because this teacher app is developed from a unique angle to help parents monitor and improve the academic performance of their children.

Many parents don’t like to visit their children in schools, however, with Klassly, an app developed by klassroom, parents can communicate with their children’s teachers in school and follow performance reports. 

They are naturally engaged in the academic, and socio-emotional growth of their children in school.

The teacher only needs to create a class on the app and give the parents the class key so they can follow what goes on in the class.

Parents can offer suggestions to the teacher, and also interact with other parents via the app.


This school learning app claims to be one of the most used applications for everyday school life. With Scoolio, students can organize their timetable, and even set push notifications to remind them of their assignments.

It’s a free classroom app that can be downloaded on both android and iPhones.

Students can interact with one another via the app and also set notifications for activities lined up in the school.

Math 42

Math 42 is a classic free educational app for students. As the name suggests, it’s a study app for students to improve their problem-solving skills in mathematics.

According to the developer, the application has been downloaded over two million times and offers students from 5th to 12th-grade assistance with solving equations, discussing curves, and more.

If you enter a task in this school learning app, Math 42 provides you with suggested solutions, step-by-step instructions, and explanations including examples.

In the training and test mode, Math 42 creates interesting exercises and tests. You can track your progress, strengths, and weaknesses with the help of detailed evaluations and statistics.

Merck Periodic Table

Merck is not a classic school app or for students’ parents but it’s very useful for middle and high-school students.

The digital periodic table can be used by students, teachers, and parents.

Ordinal numbers, boiling point, atomic radius, oxidation number, and more – the app’s reference work provides you with important information about various elements and visualizes them clearly.

You can enter and calculate chemical formulas with the molar mass calculator.You can also find background information on the history and scientists who discovered the elements in the app.

It’s an application that’s very useful for science students while in school or at home to find simple and complex scientific formulas.


Duolingo is the last but not the least learning app for students. In fact, it’s one of the best free educational apps available for language.

However, the best language app is called Fluent Forever app. This language application offers a lot more than just a basic vocabulary.

With the Duolingo app, students can learn more than 23 languages easily in a playful manner.

Reading, writing, and listening skills can be developed using this app, and you can even personalize your exercises on Duolingo.

You can also keep track of performance with the instant ratings. A level and bonus system ensures that motivation is maintained for learners.

This app doesn’t just help students learn new vocabulary. A school version makes Duolingo a real help in teaching new languages.


There are thousands of learning apps that can help parents, students, and even teachers to support learning and teaching processes.

The above-mentioned applications are some of the most useful ones to help students learn better, help teachers to coordinate teaching and learning more efficiently, and parents to track the progress of their children, and also support them.