Popular Types Of Engagement Rings To Get For Your Fiancée

Rohan Mathew

Even a global pandemic can’t stop love! With the cuffing season just around the corner, it’s about time you started looking at different engagement rings on display. With each passing day, designers are getting more creative than ever when it comes to ring designs so if you want to buy an engagement ring in Sydney, find a spectacular and precious one that’ll help you celebrate your love growing stronger. Ensure that you get expert guidance to make the selection process smooth and memorable.

Different engagement ring styles

If you’re keen enough, you must have noticed that none of your friends or family members have identical rings. There are so many different designs that the chances of you seeing the same one are almost nil. There’s always a difference that will catch your eye, no matter how small.

Engagement rings are not only pricey but they’re also very personal. So it’s important to make sure that your significant other falls in love with the ring that you choose for her. Buying the wrong ring can be disastrous. To be on the safe side and if it’s not meant to be a surprise, you could take your soon-to-be wife with you to the jewelry shop so she can pick out something that she’s most comfortable wearing.

We have rounded up some of the most common engagement ring cuts:

  1. Round cut

This is the most popular and most iconic cut thanks to its classic look. This style is perfect for someone who wants something traditional yet brilliant. It’s also ideal for women looking for maximum sparkle. A standard round cut features 58 facets for maximal light reflection which makes it super sparkly.

  1. Emerald cut

The emerald cut exudes elegance and refinement. The elongated rectangular shape and the step-cut facets make it perfect for someone on the more understated side. Instead of the all-over sparkle like that produced by the round shape, these rings feature sparkle in steps.

If your lady has a discerning taste, this is the ring you should get her. The slightly cropped edges make the shape unique and captivating.

  1. Princess cut

This is yet another popular engagement ring style that boasts plenty of sparkles, similar to a round-cut engagement ring. Its clean lines keep it looking contemporary.

It features a classic square shape at the top and four beveled sides. The princess cut engagement ring comes in at a point, making it look like an upside-down pyramid, beneath the shiny surface of the ring.

  1. Cushion cut

The beauty and versatility of this cut make it timeless enough to be in style many years to come. The cut is not only trendy but also feminine. This makes it a great choice if you’re looking for something ‘soft’ with a lot of sparkles.

The cut’s rounded corners mean larger facets which translate to more brilliance. It looks great on a vintage-inspired band as well as a more modern band.

  1. Oval cut

Over the past couple of years, oval cuts have significantly increased in popularity. There are perfect for girls who love to stay ahead of the trends while maintaining an elegantly aesthetic look.

Not only is the sparkle superb, but this soft design elongates the wearer’s hand thanks to its perfectly symmetrical shape.

  1. Pear cut

This cut appears shaped like a tear and it too, just like the oval cut, gives the finger an elongated look. The teardrop shape with a rounded end and a single point makes even smaller stones appear larger.

These rings are traditionally worn pointing away from your hand although some women choose to wear them pointing towards the hand.

  1. Heart cut

To close off our list, we have the sweetest of all ring cuts. It is the ultimate symbol of love and should be worn with confidence.

This cut is a bold choice and not a shape you see every day. If you choose this for your fiancée expect that she’ll always stand out in a crowd.


Engagement rings are an adornment that people hold close to their hearts for a lifetime. So you must choose one that you’ll treasure forever. While the options may seem endless, you should settle on the style that is right for your loved one.

One of the most exciting things about the engagement process is choosing the ring. Do you already have the ring of your dreams in mind? It’s okay if you don’t. First, understand each particular cut so that you can narrow down your options. Once you know exactly what to say to the jeweler, you can discuss different aspects like the size.

Keep in mind that the shape you choose greatly impacts the overall look of your engagement ring as well as your budget.