Effectively Protecting Gold and Other Valuables

Rohan Mathew

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Wanting to keep your most treasured possessions out of harm’s way is only natural. Whether the items you wish to protect hold purely sentimental value or are worth a fair amount of money, there’s no time like the present to start taking preventative measures against theft and other forms of harm. Fortunately, you should have no trouble finding a bevy of secure and cost-effective options. Whether you wish to keep these items in your home or are open to outside storage facilities, ensuring the well-being of your valuables doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

Rent a Safety Deposit Box 

When looking for secure places to store valuable items, you can’t go wrong with banks or Britannia Safe Deposit Centre. Most banks regard security as one of their foremost priorities and take active measures against robbery and other types of theft. As such, if your home – like most homes – lacks the same level of security as a bank, renting a safety deposit box is likely to prove a worthwhile investment. In case you’re unfamiliar, safety boxes are secure containers found at federally-insured banks, credit unions and post offices. More often than not, these boxes are located within enormous safes and bank vaults. If you’re simply looking to store cash, you’d be better off placing the money in an interest-bearing account. However, if you’re looking to safely store keepsakes and other items that hold tremendous sentimental value, safety deposit boxes can be a convenient, cost-effective option.  

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Home Safes 

If you’d prefer to keep your valuables at home, look into purchasing a dependable safe. In addition to coming in a wide variety of sizes, home safes can also be built into walls and floors. So, if you think you’ll remain in your current home for the foreseeable future, those might be options worth considering. In your search for the perfect safe, look for ones that provide first-rate fire, water and burglary protection. After all, if you’re going to store a gold bar or any other item that holds considerable monetary value, you may as well go big.    

Outside Storage Units 

If the items you’re looking to protect aren’t things anyone would necessarily want to steal, look into storage unit options in your city or township. Storage units are great places to store electronics, pieces of furniture and other items that are too big for most safes and safety deposit boxes. Additionally, depending on the size of the unit, you may be able to store a wide variety of non-valuables and truly get your money’s worth. 

In addition to being convenient, storage units are also highly cost-effective. Many secure facilities offer units for under $100 a month, making them affordable on even the most stringent budget. Furthermore, if you’re looking to store a car, motorcycle or boat, seek out places that specialize in vehicle storage. Since vehicle-sized lockers tend to be considerably larger than standard storage units, the rental rates are often a little pricier, albeit still affordable on most budgets.  

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Installing a Home Security System 

If burglary is a prevalent issue in your city or township, a comprehensive home security system can be an invaluable tool. The right security system will immediately notify both you and the manufacturer whenever an unwelcome visitor enters your residence. Additionally, if you’re interested in keeping an eye on the old homestead when you’re away, look for systems that offer remote monitoring. As the name suggests, this entails viewing both the interior and exterior of your home from a remote location. Provided you have a computer, smartphone or any other internet-capable device on hand, you’ll be able to monitor your residence, regardless of how far away from it you happen to be.  

All of us have at least one possession that we wish to protect at all costs. For some of us, this item is something that holds tremendous sentimental value. For others, treasured possessions carry considerable monetary value. Regardless of which category your favorite belongings fall into, it stands to reason that you’d prefer to keep them out of harm’s way. Luckily, this task isn’t nearly as daunting as you may think. Putting the previously discussed pointers to good use will help ensure the long-term safety of your most treasured valuables.