How Can I Learn Acting?

Rohan Mathew

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There is a vast difference between casual and professional acting. If you are serious about learning to act, it’s not an impossible skill to acquire. After all, acting is an integral part of life. There are no fast roads to becoming a successful actor. It would require a lot of learning and continuous practice of your acquired skills. Acting classes are convenient and useful where you could learn the techniques and perform with instructors. But knowing your own capabilities and interests before joining classes could be equally essential. Here we discuss a few things you could do that might assist you in learning acting. For instance, if you’re a Cal native, and looking where to locate the very best acting classes in California to master this artistic skill, then Innovative Actor’s Studio might be a good fit for you.

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A lot of studies

A great place to start gathering knowledge about acting is the library. Books will be your best friends throughout this journey of yours. There are many good books that could teach you the basics of acting. To determine if a book is worth reading, you will have to go through its author credentials and reviews. Of course, don’t rely solely on books. Learning to act is mostly experimental, and the learning process involves trying a variety of things. The more you study acting would help you understand the craft from different perspectives. You could also benefit from studying books on human nature and psychology. Understanding your own mind could always help you become a better actor.

Participate in live theatres

Theatre auditions could be easier for starters in comparison to films or commercial videos. Live theatre performances could teach you the basics of acting in the best possible way. For ages, theatres have been the proven stage of learning acting for many greats in the industry. Facing the audience could help you learn so much about your timing and character interpretations. Performing in theatres could be equally helpful for you irrespective of being a newbie or an expert. Before televisions took the world by storm, the theatre was the primary avenue to learn this beautiful craft.

Record yourself on camera

Another very effective method for learning to act would be recording your own performances on camera and reviewing the same. You could learn a lot about your performance skills by seeing and hearing yourself. Access to a camera is easily open for all nowadays, especially with the innovations to mobile lenses. There are lesser limitations to this process of self-learning due to the use of digital recording files. You could easily erase files you do not need and thereby gain additional space to fit in new ones. Analyzing your own videos could help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses in acting.

Practice cold readings

You could try to perform an unknown monologue without actually knowing about the play or the character. Your performance should reflect your best efforts on these. This could prepare you for sudden auditions or situations where you would require to perform on absolutely new monologues. You could review your practice videos later with the actual play and learn about any additional skills you might need to learn or polish.

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Watch and learn

There are different forms of acting. You could learn more about these by watching many movies, TV shows, theatres and alike. The more you watch, the more you could learn and keep yourself updated on recent trends in acting. You would find yourself in a more comfortable position during auditions if you already have watched similar shows before. Watching great actors on screen would forever help you learn new skills in performing or character interpretations.

Using your imagination

Always practice using your imaginations before your acts. You should be able to visualize your settings before your performances. Imagine your own stage, create your visualizations and match your vision with things available to you. This should help you to feel the character you play. Your strong imaginations could help you learn acting better, even without a real stage or co-actors. Imagining your scene would help you learn the different emotions and characters you need to play.

Take some acting lessons

Once done with the basics of acting, you might want to go for some acting classes to polish your skills. You could benefit from the lessons imparted in acting schools by the experts. These could enlighten you with deeper knowledge about acting on stage. Experienced actors could share their experiences through classroom lessons for new aspirants. This might prevent you from making mistakes in your acting career. Seniors could teach you to handle performance pressure situations and much more through these lessons. Acting classes are a tradition most industry veterans would swear by as an essential for all freshers.