Essential Qualities of an Impressive Writer

Rohan Mathew

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The most essential qualities of a great writer and some of the things that you should do to make sure that the quality of your work is superb.

Once or twice, you might have wondered whether you possess the traits of a good writer. At times, it isn’t easy to know whether you have excellent writing skills or not. In fact, most college students believe that they can come up with a novel if only they had the time to draft and put their ideas in written form. Also, people often think that as long as they have an ample working environment and the right software, they can automatically be an impressive writer. The truth, however, is that out of a hundred people who start writing a book, only five of them can attain their objective. The funny thing is that even for those who complete writing their books; very few people proceed to publish them.

Writing skills are essential in the current information-heavy community. Writing persuasive academic papers is far more than the right spelling and grammar. Suppose you are not good at writing even after trying out all the tips provided in the published materials. In that case, you may seek assistance from a great and well recognized custom writing company which can help you attain the best results. One of the ways of identifying an impressive writer is through the qualities they demonstrate when writing their content. The following are essential qualities for an impressive writer.

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Attention to details

Impressive writers are always observant, and they are always keen to take mental notes of the changes that take place around them. Good writers not only pay attention to the street lights as they walk from one geographical location to another but to the details of the little things. Such writers pay close attention to the insects, vehicles, nature, and the people around them as well as the animals. If you are a writer, you need to have a mind that can envisage and thereafter create a meaningful imagination. The attention to detail not only makes an individual a fantastic editor, but the skill also adds a special touch to their content.


Writing academic papers can be simple and very difficult at the same time. Putting black on white can at times seem like the most challenging thing to achieve, yet, a page is meaningless without words in it. As a writer, you have to be disciplined. You will be the only person to suffer if you do not create time to develop content for your readers. On a similar note, your grades will also be negatively affected if you do not attend to your assignments. Unfortunately, if you keep avoiding the time to write, you will end up feeling like a failure. You may start wondering what you are doing with your life and end up disappointed because of lack of progress. Great writers are always interested in re-evaluating their work, regardless of the nature of their assignment.


One of the ways students can improve the clarity of their content is through knowing how to structure an essay. That way, you will be able to organize your ideas in a way that makes sense to the readers. Also, a good writer should have the ability to convert complex ideas and thoughts into a clear and straightforward language that can easily be understood by the readers or the examiner. Owning this skill will aid you to tackle even the most challenging subject by breaking it down into pieces that are not complicated.

Strong vocabulary

Writers with strong vocabularies create impressive essays. It goes without any doubt that no one would like to read sentences with the same words repeatedly. Therefore, a strong and robust set of vocabulary is an essential asset to any writer. Incorporating unusual and intriguing words in your writing will aid in capturing and maintaining the attention of the readers, which will thereafter assist you in communicating more effectively. In essence, impressive writers use their robust set of vocabularies to come up with well-written essays effortlessly.

Passion for reading and open to changes

It is without any doubt that good readers also make impressive writers because such people are immersed into the world of words, which aids them in having a better understanding of the nuts and bolts of developing impressive essays. The more an individual reads, the more knowledgeable she will be about the different stylistic angles as well as writing tools. Also, one of the characteristics of competent writers is the ability to be open to external suggestions and edits as it aids them in improving their writing, although it may harm their ego. The skill of open-mindedness assists the writers in seeing their works through the perception of others and afterwards improving their weak areas.

Good observation and listening skills

Impressive writers are always good listeners and observant to their surroundings, especially when they are not putting their ideas into written forms. It is during those times when an individual is out in the streets when they do their research. Musicians practice, and so does the athletes. As a writer, you need to keep practising to improve your writing skills. Whether you want to write poems, novels, or you want to improve your writing skills. One of the ways you can improve your skills is through practice.

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As a writer, you need to know the difference between bad and good writing. Knowing the difference between the two will aid you to develop ways that can assist you to convert your weaknesses into strengths. Writing can also be in the form of art where an individual can go through a piece of writing, dislike it, and still acknowledge that it was written well. Have you ever read a novel, loved the story but felt like the writing lacked something? A good writer should have the ability to recognize the qualities of good writing regardless of whether it appeases their taste or not. Writing skills are essential mostly when you are editing, revising, or proofreading your work. I am hopeful that you will work on having almost all of the above essential qualities.